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Is playing as Jax in Dom a moral issue?

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They all have high movement speed and are pretty tanky champs (mostly) and I can see them being the most effective against Kassadin, but I can't see them owning him, because, as we know, Kass ults in, does his evil work, and ults out. And he would usually be tanky enough not be too affected by a ww ult or poppy wall-bash unless their entire team is there to burst him down. And, arguably, that's a scenario Kassadin shouldn't put himself into in the first place. There is, after all, a reason he's in a tier of his own.

So, he's basically a champ that can survive his burst, but does not kill him. Actually that's the whole thing about him...he excels at the roamer role so he's much less effective vs tanky champions who take a prolonged fight to get to low hp.

Thats just my theorycraft. It makes sense to me, but I don't really play singed bot, so I haven't gotten to actually see it in action.

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I usually ask at champ selection or beg of game, "nnn good pick for team or what ?" and "anyone here new to dom ?"

The most common I get from Jax and Darius players, "yeah, first time here, picking champ for easy win."

I've played them both a couple of times and they are what I call 'button mashers'. Very little skill or knowledge of the game is needed for to play effectively with Jax and Darius both.

That being said, I just pretend to attack jax then not, let him use up his spinny thingie power.

Same with Darius, pretend to attack, pretend to overwhelmed and scared, then lead him to ambush.

So, their strengths also are their weaknesses. Use them to your advantage.