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King Of Skill - Mini-Game for Dominion

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King Of The Skill

If anyone reads all of this and is willing to try it out please add me so i can hopefully set up one game thank you =)

- Played in Draft Mode 2 v 2 3 v 3 5 v 5
- The arena is defined as the Storm Shield area divided by the center line running down the middle if a champion walks over the line they will be counted as eliminated (Singed Throw Counts Watch Out)
- 2 v 2 or 3 v 3 5 v 5 Fighting as a Team in the Middle
- Each team must be in the middle by 2:00 when the round will start
- A Team Win by eliminations the enemies using the skills listed in Skills Allowed
- when a champion is killed they must remain in base in which time they can purchase items
- On round end, the winning team captures the Windmill once. Once being from Enemy, to Neutral, to Ally
- When the round is complete all remaining alive champions will walk back to their base for healing and items
- Next round must start within 1 minute 30 seconds of round ending and the round will start exactly when the 1 minute 30 seconds ends (example round ends at 5:00 next round starts at 6:30)

- No capturing other capture points
- Middle buff only allowed to be taken during the round
- All Masteries and Runes Allowed

Summoner Spells Allowed
- Clarity
- Flash
- Cleanse
- Ghost
- Surge

- Bush not allowed in (3 v 3) (2 v 2)
- Auto-attacking
- Defensive Items - Anything That Grants Armor, Magic Resist, Health, or Health Regen
- Aura Item
- Consumables

Exception Items
- Prospector Blade
- Prospector Ring
- Haunting Guise - (Must Buy Complete)
- QuickSilver Sash - (Must Buy Complete)
- Hex Drinker - (Must Buy Complete)
- Maw Of Malmortius
- Ionic Spark - (Must Buy Complete)
- Zonia - (Must Buy Complete)

*Must Buy Complete - You can buy the offensive part of the time but not the one that is defensive to buy the defensive part you must purchase the whole item

Skills allowed

(*or highlights that u can only take 1 set of skills for example caitlyn you can either use Q or W and 1 Trap or 3 Traps as her skills allowed, you may not switch between skill sets at anytime)

Ahri - Q
Anivia - Q + W
Brand - Q or W
Caitlyn - Q or E + W 1 Trap or W
Cassiopeia - Q or W
Chogath - W
Corki - Q or R
Dr. Mundo - Q
Draven - E + R
Ezreal - Q + W
Galio - E or Q
Gangplank - W + E + R
Gragas - Q
Graves - W + R
Heimer - E + R
Irelia - R
Janna - Q
Jarvan IV - Q + W
Jayce (Ranged) - Q + E
Kennen - Q + E
Khazix - W + R (Not Allowed To Upgrade Void Spike)
Kogmaw - E
Le Blanc - E + R
Lee Sin - Q + W
Lulu - Q + E
Lux - Q + W or Ulti
Miss Fortune - E
Morgana - Q + E
Nasus - E
Nidalee (Human) - Q
Nocturne - Q + W
Nunu - W + R
Olaf - Q + W
Orianna - Q + E
Rumble - Q + E
Shyvana - W + E
Singed - W + R + E
Skarner - W + E
Swain - W
Syndra - Q + E
Talon - W + R
Twisted Fate - Q (2 V 2 only)
Twitch - W + E
Urgot - Q + W
Varus - Q
Veigar - W + Q (Just for Passive not to be used)
Yorick - W + R (No Autos Still)
Zerath - Q or R
Ziggs - W
Zyra - E or Q

The Thumbnail below highlights the rough area you should be playing
Black Line = Border Line
Blue And Red Zones = Playable Area 2 v 2 3 v 3
(Blue Zone is for Blue Team and Red Zone is for Purple Team)
Green Zone = Extended Area For 5 v 5