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Bad connection and Cosplay.

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Hello every one. I don't post on the forums often but I figured I would post about the tournament since so much happened. First off this was the first one I cosplayed at( who cares right ). Well I lucked out and got a chance to get to the area where some of the teams, rioters, and other cosplayers where lounging ( not into the practice room obviously) and one of the other cosplayers had mentioned after the first crash that the internet connection in the area itself was terrible. ( since I was staying less than a block from there and refused to get internet because that hotel even had a bad connection it made sense). I wasn't behind the scenes but I saw morello and I saw a few other rioters running around and they seemed very distraught about the whole thing. They did everything they could about the situation. So to whom ever wants to complain about the crashes **** happens.
I would rather it be something fixable then the entire server crashing and they put up a post for double IP the day after finals. I still personally enjoyed the tournament and met some really awesome people ( the other league of legends cosplayers) Every one of them were very nice and very fun to be around. If you get a chance definitely go out and cosplay to one of the tourns yeah there might be a hater or two but I bet they don't have half the confidence you do to dress up. All in all the tournament was a pretty awesome experience. Riot is a good organization.

Take care