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Dweamboy's Hide and Seek

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There are many variations of this game of which are TL;DR so I thought I would create a very simplified write up of my rules so first timers could catch on quickly *u*~

Hide and Seek
Simply put, there are two teams.
-One consisting of five Hiders.
-And the other, two Seekers.

Played on the Crystal Scar in Draft mode.

Within the lobby, Hiders are on the Left side whilst the Seekers on the Right.

The game ends when the Seekers complete their objective of killing each Hider five times before 40 minutes.
When the Seekers fail, in which case the Hiders win.

The losing team must surrender.

There are no banned items within my version.


-Clairvoyance is banned.
-All abilities are allowed.
-But if a Hider kills a Seeker, knowing they will die from this ability, that Hider is penalized one life
-But if a Seeker keeps chasing knowing they will die from CC kiting, penalization does not occur.
-Both teams may take the Storm Shield buff.

-Leave base at two minutes.
-Must give Hiders a thirty second period of grace after spawn.

Must recall when low.
Cannot fake recall to bait.
Cannot spawn camp.
Oracles can only be bought after fifteen minutes.

-May CC burst but it is not recommended as whoever kills the Seeker is penalized one life.
-Cannot follow the Seekers and CC them.
(It is called HIDE and Seek, not Seek the Seekers)
-May hide anywhere but not where the turret hits the Seeker within the ramp of the fountain.
-May not walk back into fountain.

Cannot Recall.
If disconnection was to occur, the Hider cannot buy.
-For every five minutes the Hider is AFK / DC he receives a penalization of a life.
Cannot stop recall of Seekers.
-If One persistently does so, he is penalized one life.
Being executed counts as a Death.

If a Hider wishes to leave the game, he/she may give his/her lives to any hider.
But this must be done so the Seekers may acknowledge it.

After being killed five times, a Hider is out
When out, a Hider may Roam the Outer Rim and the Center.
But they may not assist in anyway:

-Proc Shurelya's Reverie when a Hider who is still in, is within it's range.
-Proc Randuin's Omen when a Seeker is within it's range.
-Follow chasers. (This gives vision)
-Attack Seekers.

Whilst out, Seekers may not attack Hiders but if they break the rules above then feel free to.

Let the jukes begin. *u*