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shyvana vs nocturne and jungler fever

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Junior Member


Ok, this is my first time on the forums(im lev18). But over the last two weeks i have begun draft games and because of tht i have been asked to jungle. And after a few big failures ive begun to do pretty good at it however i am now in a predicament. My only two jungle champs are nunu and voli. But i do have 6420 ip and after watching many videos i am torn between shyvana and nocturne, so plz more experienced junglers help me decide between these two champs and also if im an idiot and there is a way better jungling champ tht im not even thinking of tell me.

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Chris Spencer



Spend your IP on champions least played.

Not only will people have less ways to counter you because they don't have a lot of experience against that champion.

But other people will compliment you on playing something that not everyone plays.

A good jungler would probably be Trundle in terms of not played often, or seen often.

He performs well and is only in the 3150 IP range.

However if your looking for a jungler that is played often, Udyr is quite good, as well as Shaco.

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Senior Member


spend it on jungle mundo
he has one of the fastest clear times and he's cheap(1350 ip only)