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@lore reds......sorry

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I'm sorry I yelled. Hope we can still be friends. I'm just confused and angry because I care too much. I'm sorry.I don't take back what i said, I'm just sorry i yelled. Hope you have a good day and make something awesome for the lore department.

basically my question was why did you stop lore without anything to replace it? Did you really hate joj and judgements that much? I didn't hate them. I loved them. I just wish you could tell us why we can't have them anymore. I'm just so sad. I miss them alot. I just miss them so much. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't yell and berate people who work so hard for a company I love so much. I'm so sorry. You do so much more for lore then I ever will. All I do is insult you and critizize you. If I really cared I would go work at riot and help you guys right lore. But I don't........I'm sorry Runaan, I'm sorry Raven, I'm sorry Kitae.