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How do you build shaco?

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Doctor Tenenbaum



How do you build Shaco for lane, jungle, etc?

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Goaticus Maximus

Senior Member


Shaco is one of those characters that originally was great as an assassin jungler, who could invade and make your life hell. He was banned to death because of this and then nerfed to almost unviable levels. Keep in mind, players and teams decide what is viable but in terms of soloqueue he's not as good as others.

That being said, he can still perform the role of jungle in either a support/tank role or to a lesser extent an assassin. As for laning, he doesn't have the burst to control middle, he can't be an ad carry because he has no range, he isn't a very good support, and his lane presence top as a bruiser is also weaker than most but I'd place him top if I was going to lane him.

As a jungler support/tank I would build a philo stone / hog / mobility boots picking up an aegis and zeke's then turning your hog into a randuins and ultimately an arch angel. Use your e as a crippling snare on the enemy ad, and your Q as a way of escaping once your GA has been burned.

As for a jungle assassin, I would get a wriggles and then lots of attack speed and ad items. Black cleaver and phantom dancer are solid. This build makes you an extremely annoying split pusher, but it's extremely situational and you will have almost no survivability in team fights.

As for top lane, wriggles into a blood thirster into a GA makes you very sturdy and gives you nice damage to boot. Unfortunately your harass is weak and you will most likely be bullied and forced to get GP/10 just to survive.

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