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Loading Screen Bug

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Junior Member


Everyone suddenly stopped loading(see first link). I found this a bit odd and waited a bit and noticed that the loading percentage wouldn't change so i exit out and i'm brought back to the "Please reconnect screen" I click reconnect and i make it to 100% and it says summoning but it never lets me into the game. I sat there for at least five minutes waiting until the game closes itself and says the game has crashed please reconnect. Once again i clicked reconnect and this time it actually lets me into the game, but it is already to late they enemy team was dominating.

Steps to reproduce: Play normal summoner's rift and hope this doesn't happen to you

http://i49.tinypic.com/2zpiiyp.jpg (every few minutes i would take a picture, i actually had to waited longer than 3mins)

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Carl has a hat



This same thing had happened to me, I was loading a ranked game and the loading screen froze, it took me a while to figure that out as i just thought someones computer was bad. I closed out of lol and tried to open it back up and it wouldnt let me. After 5 minutes I was able to load it and reconnect but by then the game was already decided and lost. Kind of a critical bug.

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Had this bug 7 times.Now it's getting way too common.