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First tournament in my City

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Hello, this is mainly focused for RIOT but i guess anyone who has an idea can help.

Im going to start doing online tournaments for people here in my city, we noticed there is a fast growing comunity of players and with the season 2 games everyone got exited about a tournament so we want to start making our own.
I tried to reach RIOT to see if they can help us with prizes for our winners but when i went to the Prized Event Submission page after i wrote all the info and clicked "submit" the page did a postback and sent me a timeout error.
Should i submit it all over again? or what can i do?
Hope i can get a Red to answer this so its official, but if anyone has a better idea im all ears.
Thank you in advance.

Also, if a red can read this, i would love some tips and hints about how to submit our events, we want to make them every two months or so. We are a small comunity yet but we are trying to grow fast.
This is a totally independent tournament, we have no sponsors or anything similar. It would be the very first around here.