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My 2 Cents (DPS-Trist & AOE-Stix)

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*I'll be adding more and more heroes as I try them*

Basically just a quick explanation on how to use my favorite characters to their fullest potential based from my experience. I don't know why but I feel like sharing these for people to enjoy.

"Armor Breaker Trist / PeneTrist (w/e lol)"

-Balanced attack damage, critical percentage with a decent amount of speed.
-You only need one skill. Q. The rest are for survivability.

1. Avarice Blade -> 7. Atma's Impaler
2. Avarice Blade
3. Berserker's Greaves
4. Stark's Fervor
5. Black Cleaver
6. Infinity Edge

Quick round up.
- Double Avarice Blades aren't just for the gold, they add 12% crit chance
- Stark's reduces 25 armor, give you minimum lifesteal that could help sometimes, trick here is to take down the damage dealers first, then I'm certiain you can take down any support, with this lifesteal.
- Black cleaver for more armor break
- Infinity Edge for the 2.5x the normal criticals
- Game taking so long? Get that impaler for added crit% and damage

With this build you'll be doing 1000 crits on a minion. ~600 on any hero w/o the impaler.
Too many people I see only focus on "damage", "attack speed", "life steal" and not finding the right balance to get the maximum output. So here you go, the most balanced build wherein most of the time you'll be doing 2.5 times damage w/ crits.


-Just an up to date AOE bomb
-R. Then -> E, Q, W.
-Use your silence (E) wisely. That's about the only tip I can advice.

1. Kage's Lucky Pick -> 7. Zhonya's Ring
2. Kage's Lucky Pick
3. Sorceror's Shoes
4. Rylai's Scepter
5. Abyssal Scepter
6. Sunfire Cape

Quick round up.
- Two Kage's Pick for the +50 AP addition, and gold thing
- Shoes for the MR reduction to enemies
- Rylai's for +80 AP and added health + slow from your spells
- Abyssal Scepter for the MR reduction again. Meaning your spells do more damage.
- Lastly, Sunfire Cape for a constant AOE magic damage. It's better than getting another AP item because of many factors such as the AP:dmg ratio, cooldown of spells, mana etc.
- Get a Zhonya's if you want bigger numbers at the end

Silence, bring fear and support.

Thank you and have fun LoL'ing.