Crowd really should be quiet, seriously!!

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as a WE fan, its so sad to see a re-game after our team had such a good start at original game2,(one buff stolen, amazing Bliz grab, 2:0 and cs leading). Even the strategy cant be used anymore on the following game. this is very sucks.

To crowds, stop cheering about wards killing!!! this is very disruptive for both team, players can be affected.
WE had such a great lead because his wards at the game2(original), FZZF he is a good support player. this is a classic support should do imo. So any laughing or cheering about what he did is dumb make me confuse and uncomfortable. players should have play in the booth, simple as that, Riot fix it.

PS: somebody also noticed that WE's adc Weixiao glanced at the map when WE's support cleared a ward in the dragon pool, and crowd just randomly cheer up. I am not saying looking at the minimap on the back is right, but what he can saw in that half second glance is no more than just make sure what crowd was watch the game that they were actually playing, it's just wired that people cheer for a ward killing. stop fking stupid cheer seriously!

I insist that this glance was not as a serious as Azubu did to TSM.