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Female Players - A Quick Story

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you started off well, but then you sort of just teetered into misogyny.

Not really. It's not like i hate women. I should rephrase and change the "women" part to "girls". Younger immature girls are more likely to fall into the category described.

I don't understand why there's so much rage in lol.
People have to be expecting games to not always go the way they like, thats part of the game.

Either you enjoy the game and play, or you don't enjoy it and then you don't have to play in the first place.

I've never played a game where the community was so bad as this one. This is the worst I've ever seen. I still play though because its a very casual game where you still can be pretty good. But I don't know for how long, thank god for ignore button.

It MAY be true that this community is one of the worst, however the ONLY reason for this, if it's even true, is the fact that this game is one of the ONLY team based games out there where you are so entirely reliant on your team pulling their weight. Counter-strike is a game i used to play competitively. However in counter strike, it's possible to kill all 5 enemies by yourself even if they're all relatively the same skill level as you. In league, it's impossible to take on 5 enemies by yourself unless they are practically brain dead.

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It's not so much about the male dominated game. It is the fact us women can't even play without being treated horribly. I am always nice when I start a game. If I get called "dude", or "bro", all I say is ima girl. But the things that are said back ARE hurtful. whether men realize it or not. it is not the stone age where men have the power and women are shunned to cook and clean. we have as much right to play as you do. and if you think women are such "sexy gamers" then treat us the way that would make us stay and play. I play with anyone, and I try to have fun. but sometimes, its hard when you are being treated worse than garbage. just because we can say something back that may "shame men" doesn't mean we have to. maybe we could just be treated right? idk.

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