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[Semi-Closed RP] Rise of the Aeons

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Eyes not quite focused yet, Kouri simply whispered. "That was amazing!"

"We're glad you like it!"
A voice came up just next to her.

Almost jumping on her seat, the girl turned to face it - it was one of Academy's cooks who carried several stacked trays, smiling awkwardly. Blushing furiously, Kouri nodded quickly, and turned to her plate, proceeding to stuff her mouth full. Even though the explanation she was given was a bit complicated, she didn't expect anything more than being able to see the person she was talking to this entire time; but this was absolutely unexpected, and Kouri could feel the anxiety welling up inside her. She could understand what this power was, but at the same time, every power comes with a responsiblity... and yet, that wasn't what she was worried about.

Kouri had absolutely no idea what she was supposed to do with it, or how to use it even; or, more importantly, how not to use it on accident. [I guess... it's my turn to ask what should I do now. All of that is awesome and all, but it's kind of scary - those gates, how do I use them? I wouldn't want to randomly open one in the middle of the street...]

Sireta smiled at Kouri, obviously pleased that she liked the power. Sireta then walks forward, and slowly lifts a strand of Kouri's hair, pointing it into the air. Sireta blinks, wondering if it would work. She then wispers...

Open... To The Gates... Of Ra'al (poison)... Then Sireta thrusts Kouri's hair into the air infront of Kouri so she can see. It was done quite forcefully too and it was pulling Kouri's hair, and the tip disappeared...

At that moment, a dimensional warp was appearing under where the hair disappeared, creating a small hole which connected to the dimension of Ra'al, with strange materials on the outline of the hole and barricading the middle. Sireta then twisted Kouri's hair, and the strange materials collapsed, leaving only the outline. Behind the gate, you can see the dimension inside, but because the one created was only the size of an egg, you can barely peep inside with all the poisonous fog covering the entire world inside...

Umm... Who do you want... To call...? Sireta wispers to Kouri as poisonous gas started to leak into the room...

((Note: The portal, or 'Gate' can be seen by any creature, no matter humans or animals since it is a complete physically dimensional fracture. It's just like a portal to the void can be seen by anyone, except the ones created by Sireta, or Kouri now, is much more stable...
And cool))

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(( I want the test to move on faster so days are going faster so I think you should just post everything you did in one day or three parts like morning, afternoon, night. Idk, but this test going drag a long time if we keep at this pace o.o You can change parts of scenery and stuff in the forest as long it doesn't effect the whole thing I guess ))

Arkainos looked at Garman and the test, he then took a slight peek at Runeterra, it was night. Night, Hermes...

Hermes was laying on a large hill while the wind gently caress his cheek. He gazed upwards to the dark sky with awed in his eyes. With a soft tone Hermes asked,"Hey...Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, what is it?" Arkainos answered back.

"I was thinking," Hermes slightly paused for a second then resumed, "What lies beyond the stars, Arkain."

"First of all stop calling me Arkain," Arkainos rose his tone as he was irritated with his nickname. "But to answer your question, what lies beyond the stars is--stars. But I think you mean, "what lies beyond the universe?" "

Hermes smiled and answered back, "Then, what lies beyond the universe."


Hermes chuckled, "I see." After that it was silence for a few minutes until Arkainos then broke it.

"Since you asked me a question I shall ask you one." Hermes then nodded. "Why are you so fascinated what is beyond?"

He took a minute or two to think and then answered, "I actually don't know, maybe it's the unknown and desire to fill that unknown."

"It's human nature, I see." Arkainos then sighed.


((I wonder if I can resurrect this thread))
Garman waits until morning nibbling on the moss as he goes. He searches for berries or a cave. He was seriously hoping for this to go faster.
G: Arkainos what is the point.