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I am currently looking for a team or a mentor to help me improve myself and increase my understanding of the game. I am mainly proficient in ad carries currently, but I am willing to play any role for a team and learn that role with every effort. I have a good understand of every champion's skills and roles during team fights. I don't do soloq too often, mainly because the most enjoyable moment of this game to me is a team victory or team defeat. In all honesty I'd much rather lose as a team than win in a soloq game. Message me in game Sefiermax. I am currently available at most times.

IGN: Sefiermax
Role: ADC (willing to learn any roles)
Experience: I've played some ranked 5's and 3s with some people I met online, but out schedules are too differently to actually continue with these and take it serious. I've played about 3k games, mostly normal.
Timezone: PST GMT-8
Time Available: Open
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Current Rating: (10/12/12) 1330