@Riot: FOV Improved/Dynamic Lighting

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I have begun to dislike the way the fov player vision and jungle/surroundings become bright: bushes, yes, but especially coming around corners. You have improved LoL in so many ways over the years, and I notice the changes- even on the same ****ty laptop.
Could you consider prioritizing for the near-future; updating the way the fog of war interacts with the player's movement and orientation to their environment? Maybe more of a natural sun-like lighting.

The way it is lit and interacts?
What if the surroundings were colored or illuminated in different ways, depending on which Champion you were playing as. Blitzcrank's white eyes and blue electricity would shine out into his surrounding's, Brand's body would bathe the jungle in a flickering glow, Diana's as brilliantly moon and star-lit, light glinting off of Xin Zhao's armor.

(For the few Champions with no "unique" way of lighting the environment, the range of vision would be no smaller or to any disadvantage in any way.)

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Basically, dynamic lighting please. Make it an experimental feature, with a slider for intensity. One has to enable it manually, and can either have it subtle or eye exploding. Perhaps have an option to make the map's ambient light darker. None of this would provide any sort of gameplay advantage, but would sure let users with more powerful rigs pretty up the game. IE, I could turn down the ambient lighting just a little and crank up the dynamic lighting. This would go pretty far to making trades and such look a lot more exciting.