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New item

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Fist lets talk about Aegis of legion. Great Item with a great passive. Lets check out its stats.

Rudy Crystal +180 health Coast 475 G.P.

Null Mantle +24 M.R. Coast 400 G.P.

Cloth Armor +18 Armor Coast 300 G.P.

=1175 G.P.

Passive: Nearby allied champions gain 12 Armor, 15 Magic Resist, and 8 Attack Damage.

Total build coast 1921 G.P.

Now Aegis of Legends.

Giants Belt +430 Health Coast 1110 G.P.

Chain Armor +45 Armor Coast 700 G.P.

Negation +48 M.R. Coast 740 G.P.

= 2550 G.P.

Unique Passive: Nearby allied champions gain 20 Armor, 22 Magic Resist, and 16 Attack


Or. Unique Passive: Gain ??% damage reduction.

Total Coast 3250 G.P.

I think this could be a great Tank or top lane champion item. Tanky D.P.S. champs benefit from every aspect of this item and I personally like the second option for the unique passive over the original.

Please post any comments about price, passive's or thoughts you might have on this Item, Thank you.

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Pitufito Dell

Senior Member


Just No.

Aegis is already a stupidly strong item, we don't need one even more powerful.