It's Solo Queue

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I initially thought I'd be in ELO Hell 'til I could get out of the 1200 range. I stayed in that range for so long, falling down to 1000, then slowly going back to 1200 then back to 1000 and so on. Then one day I reached 1300. Then 1330. Then I realized...I was ****ed. It's not ELO Hell. It's Solo queue.

At 1330 I get a game where our SUPPORT, of all people, rages and quits before laning phase ends. Of course we were doing good 'til late game came around. You don't win 4v5 late game.

Then I get another game where I lane against Jax as Yorick. Easy lane, right ? Nope. My jungler comes around, very early, to gank Jax and get an easy first blood. Turns out he just watches from the river bush as I die (I was a little low on HP, but I figured HEY IT'S 2VS1!). And then my mid laner comes to defend my lane while I recall...but chases Jax down and gets killed. So snowballing Jax. In the meantime bot loses the lane before the 10 minutes mark.

I now sit at 1290ish ELO, and I realize Elo Hell doesn't exist. Sometimes you'll have bad games yourself, but one of the 5 players you're getting matched with...odds are he's gonna have one of those bad games himself. . And it can often be a really bad game. Or he's just an idiot that will rage