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League of Ledgens on Linux Platforms?

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1 Year ago anyone who said "Steam will come to linux" or something along those lines was shunned and put in a deep hole. Excuses such as "There isn't enough people to make it worth valves while" or "Linux isn't efficient enough for gaming" and so on were proved wrong, So i have 2 questions for you guys.

1) Why did Valve bring Steam to linux? (What do they see in it, since they are a company at the end of the day)

2) Since valve are working intensely on making Ubuntu/Linux awseome for gaming by working with companies such as AMD and nVidia to make driver efficiency of the absolute highest quality, Will riot ever consider LoL to Ubuntu and other linux platforms.

The reason i ask this question is because i HATE windows so much, i hate everything about it and if LoL came to Ubuntu like Steam is i would ditch windows forever, Gaming which i love is the last thing holding so many people back from moving over to Distros like ubuntu and Fedora and so on. What do you guys think of the current situation.