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Player's with High ELO - A chance to become well known!

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Hi Guy's

So basically the title say's it all.
Anyone with an ELO 1900 or above feel free to add me,
I specialize in Promoting/Advertising summoners to a wide audience and giving them the chance to become well known players in both the League of Legends Community and the Youtube community.

I run a channel myself, with over 500 subscriber's and 10's of thousand's of views.
It's really simple!

If you are looking to become further known amongst your peers or fellow summoner's then your in the right place.

Step 1:
Add me!
(LoL account - chinesebabies)

Step 2:
Download or Purchase a recording software!
(Any is fine. I recommend LoL Replay and or Fraps)

Step 3:
Start a ranked match!
(It doesn't mater which champion you use, so long as you play well and have a Average - Outstanding Game)

Step 4:
If your confident in your video and think you did well, send it in. Either pop up to me on PVP Chat ,or email me at [email]mitchstanton@hotmail.com[/email]


How does it work ?
A. Good question! Once you have a video ready to be uploaded send us in your video, and we will upload it, with links to your channel, subscription links, recognition and thanks which will be sure to give both your channel and subscriptions a sky rocket!

Add Me if your interested!