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Why do I always get yelled at for picking Nidalee Pre-game

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nidalee is very dependant on team comp and let's face it blind pick most people play what they want. For this reason, unless you got 2 or 3 man premade, nidalee does not preform as well as other champions.

She takes a lot of positioning and good decision making about when to go in and when to get out. Her traps do give good jungle control and the heal is pretty much just a AS buff for ad carries/bruisers since the heal doesn;t have ridiclous ratios anymore.

The problem is she fits under the support role and other champs do what she does better. An example is sona, she gives constant heals, movespeed and buffs ad/ap not to mention her ult locks down enemies and can chage a team fight. Nidalee cannot really change a team fight unless she hits an ad carry with a full range spear.

I have only seen aparkhurst play a really good nidalee but even then unless he has 1 or 2 players to communicate with it is not that effective.

TLDR: nid very dependent on teamp comp, communication and positioning and in solo queue its rare to have all 3.

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Full Brain



Nidalee players are usually extremely selfish.

They are there to throw a spear every 6 seconds.

And if you say you heal others on your team a lot. Then you are lying.

Because every Nidalee sits so far back for max damage. So far back; in fact, they are too far from their team that is forced to 3v4 top node because Nidalee wants that *Possible* big hit that ***Might*** happen every.... 6 seconds.

Ever watch a Nidalee; in Dominion, some of them mindlessly throw a spear from the woods at the players sitting on top node. You can't help but think they could be doing something more when the node could very well be guarded by a second player in the bush. Or worse they see two there and just keep throwing spears stupidly.

And the Bushwack trap:
1. It doesn't offer site unless the player walks over it. At least Teemos, Hiemers and Shacos have objects that offer standing sight.

2. It doesn't disrupt speed ramps in the jungle. You want to make a speed ramp useless put a jack there to waste the buff or even a Teemo shroom slow is way more helpful.

*But I guess any sight once you can get it on a champ is helpful. But personally, I would rather have a Teemo over a nidalee on my team if it came to traps.

Sorry, there is a reason they call her:
"Huck a spear all day, never Teamplay"

This is why but I don't ***** about what people choose since I'm not a whining infant who thinks they are the master & commander of LoL who gets to decide what everyone's character is and how they play them.

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Because every Nidalee on my team is a worthless idiot, and every Nidalee on the enemy team is a godlike killing machine.