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They always stop there, at the base of the stairs...

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They always stop there at the base of the stairs, looking at the gates. Always.

Some pause only for a moment, judging possible escape routes or merely marveling at the architecture before continuing. Others take somewhat longer, glaring up the stairs, pacing side to side, cursing themselves, the gods, even the Institute of War itself, before striding forward.

I have even seen some come forward, stop, and turn away, only to return a few minutes or hours later. And then there are others… the Exile, the one with the broken sword, she had stood there, gazing blankly at the gate, for almost a day before stepping forward, hefting the broken blade onto her shoulder.

I do not know them. They do not know me. I am merely the Watcher, and I see all.

They come for different reasons. Some come for honor and others for justice. Still more come for vengeance, or power, or showmanship, or mere blood-thirst. Many of these frighten the summoners, although even more frightening are those to whom the word “reason” does not even apply. The scarecrow, the so-called Master of Metal, and the monstrous Hecarim… none know why they have come.

But I fear we may know all too soon. In such a place filled with scryers and seers, magicians and sorcerers, only the dead cannot feel the coming storm (although given the questionable state of some of our champions, that phrase was not, perhaps, the most accurate). We can all feel it coming.

Those who come here seeking honor find it easily enough: The ones who seek vengeance find it again and again on the fields of honor. The bloodthirsty, the power-hungry, all find what they seek. But there are some who do not seek any of these things. There are some who come seeking only redemption… and these, I think, will play the most important part of all in what is coming.

Will we stand against the storm? I do not know. I cannot see past the walls of the Institute. This frightens me, and I have never been frightened before.

-From The Chronicles of the Watcher, est. Runic Year 2012. Found in the ruins of the Institute of War.

This is something i whipped up in half an hour after reading about the possibility of a LoL novel. Let me know what you think, and what needs fixing. (the date is only a placeholder: I have no idea how dates work in Runeterra).

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Lovely but...this is best placed in fanfiction.