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Fix the client, maybe?

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I'm getting tired of my game crashing every 3 minutes and trying to fix it on my friend's computer, reinstalling cause it keeps screwing itself over.

I'm tired of have the game disconnect me when my internet is perfectly fine and then when i go to reconnect it says I have a firewall that won't allow it, yet it worked perfectly fine the two games before.

I'm tired of having glitches with flash and distance moves where as example, you flash and darius ults, the ult still goes through even though your out of range.

I'm tired of so many other things but I don't think I should even try, you guys just keep releasing more champions whenever the champions and game we have at the moment isn't even working good yet.

I love this game, but i'm tired of getting reported for this stuff, it's not fair to the player that their lol client screws up and people think that they are trolls are afk'ers when we spend the next hour flipping out on our computer cause we can't reconnect or disabling firewalls that we didn't even know existing and lol saying that there is still one.

I can't stand it, I am finally making a thread about this, I want to play Summoner's Rift with no glitches, no problems, just pure game, not with a new champion, but with a pretty much glitch-free client.