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Graves Build Help

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also, i reccommend against getting a 'serkers greaves right away. graves already has innate mobility, you don't really need the extra movement speed.

most ADCs i play i get either 2 doran's then the greaves, or a BF sword then the greaves, depending on how well i'm doing in lane. 2 doran's is standard, while i will go a third dorans before the greaves if i'm getting owned really hard in lane (happens from time to time)

finally, as stated you want to get a zeal between your first big item (either IE or BT) and the second one. if you started IE, your IE is useless without crits, right? zeal gives you some crit necessary so you can start utilizing that passive. the extra movement speed from zeal is also really good in midgame teamfights, as you will need to rapidly reposition on the go as the ADC.