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My Problem With Current Items

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"AP items that counter AD champions
1. Zonya’s Hourglass

AD items that counter AP champions
1.Hexdrinker, 2.Maw of Malmortius, 3.Wit’s End, 4.Phage, 5.Frozen Mallet, 6.Doran’s Blade, 7.Bilgewater Cutlass, 8.Executioner’s Calling, 9.Bloodthirster, 10.Zekes Herald, 11. Vampiric Scepter, 12. Ionic Spark

So the problems are, 1 there are not enough armor items for ap champions, 2 life steal is vastly superior to spell vamp."

OK I truly don't get your logic here...at first I thought you were getting at items that give Armor that are viable for AP casters...then MR that are viable for ADC....
WTF?! Dorian's?!

OK first of all, you're disregarding so much....
Comparing karthus and morgana like that is disgraceful as "damage" is NOT all there is to this game...
Comparing them is like comparing Sand and Space and saying "they both start with S so they should be about the same" that's over looking so much depth to the game it's not even funny!

Ashe and Talon.....One is an ADC...the other is an assassin.... Talon has a kit designed to burst HARD...the ADC WOULDNT survive and an Ashe that sacrifices late game items to survive burst is senseless not to mention Talon has auto attacks that do damage....
Conclusion: Your argument is BIAS and INVALID!

Ionic spark....attack speed and hp.....why not put ROA for casters...its DPS and HP AND mana....

Frozen Mallet.....really....your so blind you don't see Crystal Scepter does the SAME THING!!! Although I'll admit it gives more damage than HP....

Final Nail: If you don't like the AP-Caster Items, play AD-Caster instead (like talon)....