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Lowell, MA: S2 Viewing Party, Oct. 6 & Oct. 13!

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Hello League Community;

My roommate and I just moved up to Lowell, MA and would like to host a S2 viewing party to get to know some people in the area. We both attend the University of Massachusetts Lowell. We were looking to host 8-10 people to view the semi-finals on Oct. 6, and if that goes well host the finals also the following weekend on Oct. 13. If you are interested and want to come you can add us in game and we will give you all the details.

My name is Rnkd.

My roommates name is ąnĂ°.

Or email [email]gfkirkwood@gmail.com[/email] with S2 Viewing Party in the title.

Go CLG.EU, Snoopeh Make Us Scot's Proud!

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Lost In the Wood

Junior Member


I'm A UML Student. So add me on LoL