Tired of Solo Que **** Please Take Charge!

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I am constantly having to dodge Solo Que ranked because of people. I'm first pick and I take mid, this guy says mid is my best I am going mid either way and locks it in, I have to dodge because I don't want to deal with people like that. After my 30 minute wait I get back on and get into another lobby. We have a Duo Que in my lobby and they want to bot lane. When you have a Duo Que bot in a Solo Que game they have a decent chance at winning but no our second pick says idc if your duo I am taking adc because I pick before you guys. I once again have to dodge because of this **** because we ended up having 3 people saying I'm going bot reguardless. Please take some action so I can enjoy Solo Que again. Thanks

- x3Recoil