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Best tanky ap teemo build.

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IMO, always take teemo top, if you have skill you can't be beaten top
Use AD runes + Masteries (21/9/0, taking health route in defense and AD route in offense)
Start boots and 3
Rush early phage, the health and slow is so good, don't bother with doran's unless you're getting spanked by someone like malphite
Build your boots into Merc Treads/Ninja Tabi depending on the enemy team and enemy laner, i'll usually take Merc treads no matter what, just because you'll be wrecking face so much the enemy team will be forced to focus you :P
If you're up against AP top (rumble or vlad) build Wit's end, if against AD top such as Darius or Xin build Wriggles Lantern (after your phage)
After Phage + Merc treads + Wit's end/Wriggles begin to build Malady which is an awesome item on teemo, just for that reduced MR which helps his poison give a good kick and attack speed on teemo is always welcome
Then build Madred's Bloodrazer, after that finish phage by buying a frozen mallet (you may want to finish frozen mallet before madred's it depends how you're going, especially as madreds costs a lot)
Finally top off your build with Guardian Angel just for that survivability and respawn.

Final build is: Merc treads/Ninja tabi, Frozen Mallet, Wit's End/Wriggle's Lantern, Malady, Madred's bloodrazer and Guardian Angel

This build is far superior to any other i've tried, especially ap, and it sees teemo become unstoppable and ungankable. If you are able to set up a proper shroom field nobody can gank top without you seeing them especially if you get an early wriggles, and often you can 2v1 a gank and come out with a double kill. You can kite anyone to hell with your shrooms + phage.

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Is there any hybrid builds?

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Is there any hybrid builds?

SoloMid.net has one hybrid build that you may want to look at:


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I've been playing Teemo since I started playing LoL, he is by far my most fave champ. As for an AP build, I start off with BoS, and 3 health pots, and I prefer to lane with a support in bottom as Teemo is very squishy in the beginning.

The first major item I build is Sorc Shoes, then Nashors Tooth. The Tooth gives you attack speed, and CD reduction so you can spam more shrooms. After the Tooth, build towards the mask, and Runaan's Hurricane. Mask is priority over the Hurricane for the AP, and magic penetration. Once you have the hurricane, build a Deathcap and a Frozen Mallet. Because of the Hurricane, once you have the Mallet, you will become very valuable in a team fight due to the fact that your auto attack is spread amongst 3 different targets, and the Hurricane causes on hit effects to every dart which means you poison AND slow every target you hit.

In short, the Hurricane, Nashor's Tooth, and the Mask are vital items to this build. Once you have those, you can build any other way you want as AP, if you want survivability, buy armor, or a Rod of Ages if you wanna increase your dmg output, and give yourself a bit more health. I've been using this build for some time now, and it works quite well. I hope it works for you, if not, perhaps you can develop a build of your own with these guidelines.

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I just went 19-0 with this teemo build
Spells: -Cleanse (i would replace this with flash)
Build: -Beserkers greaves
-Void Staff
-Needlessly Large Rod
-Runaan's Hurricane
-Rabadon's Deathcap
-(insert whatever you want)