How to win team fights?

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Frequently I've been playing as sona. One thing I notice happens is no matter how amazing we do in the laning phase end game my team will often get destroyed. Usually the carry im with goes like 10-0 or something and owns everyone. At this point were really far ahead and I'm thinking we win. A turret might go down. Then, we die. Someone will get caught out on their own. Idk. Something always happens and we all die. Someone says "stick together" and we do and then we get owned 5v5 again. Is it something about playing sona that makes her wasted in team fights? I feel like my ultimate and my abilities are extremely powerful, except in late game when my teamates all play passively and get killed in 5 seconds. Someone will say something along the lines of "someone should have picked a tank". How do I avoid this? Is sona only viable with good team comps?

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As a support player, you have to be aware of how you're setting up for your other teammates beyond just your skill set. This includes items, wards, placement, awareness, even summoner skills(e.g.: good uses of clairvoyance/exhaust).

While you can only do so much as a support, look at the things you're in control of:

Your skills, your support set, your placement, and your own decision making.

Supports want to be involved in the fight as long as possible without being in the fight. This means you're boosting everyone without being in the way. For Sona, this means projecting your auras, hitting your heals, and switching as the situation dictates. Q makes your offense stronger, while W makes your defense more solid. E enhances mobility, while R is a teamfight setup/initation.

What I would say is your team makeup may be suffering. Your item decisions make a huge difference in how things go down. Getting that frozen heart, Raduin's, Shurelias, even Zeke's means you're supporting your team and freeing gold up for other people.

Teamfights require timing and positioning. If your team is getting caught out of position, warding is probably an area you could work on. Positioning makes a huge difference, and wards allow you to see whats going on and react to it for the best position possible.

Sona is viable beyond team comps, but this is where she shines best. Her helpfulness is difficult to notice, depending a lot on the player's decisionmaking for auras (e.g.: if you are anticipating a possible gank on your teammate nearby, that heal aura will help. also, if you're initiating together with others, having your Q aura up will be better than the W one).

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I have yet to buy Sona, and mostly support with Leona and Taric currently. Both can become very tanky, and offer alot of teamfight potential. I play against Sonas fairly often, and I find them to be some of the squishiest supports, and often worth focusing down where you otherwise wouldn't target a support simply because of the auras and ult threat.

Personally, I enjoy playing a support where I can jump in to the center of a fight, either to initiate, or to draw damage and abilities and protect my teammate. This means I like tankiness, I like AoE, and I like stuns. Taric, Leona, Alistar, and Blitzcrank do all of these very well, and Nunu also does to a lesser degree. As far as caster supports, Janna or Karma are my preferred teamfighters, since they both have shields and AoE potential. Janna also has a powerful ult if you can place it properly, and can get decently tanky with the right support items(Soul shroud is a common item in my build) I don't really play Karma much, because I find other supports more useful, but she does have some good abilities.

I only play Soraka with a few specific lanemates, like Urgot, Ezreal, and Sivir, and I have a bit of a harder time teamfighting with her, although with an AP heavy team, your starcall can contribute effectively.

Lulu I don't own yet either, and I don't see too much of her so I don't feel qualified to speak to her teamfight potential.

If you play support alot, whether because you enjoy it or because you fill teamcomps, it's worth learning many, if not all, of the meta champions. Sona definitely has a place, but she's probably not the strongest team fighter out there.