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Help with my Solo

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O Pumpkin

Senior Member


So I've been trying to find my solos for Draft I'm right now choosing two just in case one gets banned right now I have.



I need help. If I'm last pick I need to choose which one to counter another so can someone help me find the counters and who gets countered in that lane.

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Junior Member


Hey dude!!

Best check out this website http://www.championselect.net/ .. i literally went to that website for a long while. Because i had to counter champs like Rumble, Vlad, Yorick. Just giving me an idea or comments on what i can do against champs like these. After awhile you learn what you can and can't do against champs like this and end up knowing what to pick when, and items that follow skill order all that. This website was a staple for me at one point but only need it on the odd occasion now.

Word of warning, this isn't the bread and butter , rock solid DO's and DON'TS but more of input from other summoners that have experience against difficult champs.. Take a read , i found it useful as all hell .. Hope it helps

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Junior Member


i'll recommend eve if ur in elo hell.
easy to gank and it's really op