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Updates to Legal Jibber Jabber

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In the event of a dispute, you and Riot agree to binding, individual arbitration of your claims (except for in certain, limited circumstances).

This is the same legal trash that EA pulled with EA Origin, I can't believe companies can be so stupid as to actually think this will stand up in a court of law! EULAs and TOS are legally completely untested, and basically completely meaningless. To suppose that you have the right to take away someone's legal right to sue by agreeing to a contract is completely unfounded, arrogant and shows complete disrespect of the law and your players/customers. Not to mention the fact that when a contract is signed by a person under the age of 18 it is completely null and void. Do you really think you can just write whatever you want in a TOS and it magically comes true? What a complete joke!

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This means our credit card number, CVV/password and billing address? Because if the case, this is a huge scam, specially with the arbitrary part.

Specify which kind of information.

Lomar, or any other Riot representative, could please answer that?