Hey you. Want to stop getting ganked and win more team fights?

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Most if ganks are done in an flanking manner. You go in to engage an even exchange. Flanker(s) move in to cut your pathing.

In reality this works well. Human bodies don't often react quickly enough to flee in an appropriate way. However in LoL you can do a 180 turn instantly without losing momentum. It's your mind that is having trouble understanding that. Be conscious of that, and make real effort to escape. Not to your abilities, but to your champions. It will be muscle memory.

Let's say your team is chasing a 5v2, and 3 pop out of a bush. If your team is far enough ahead you should win regardless. In any other scenario most teams get caught, and run around like a bunch of chickens. Aced. Learn to cut your losses and bolt if you can't win. Hopefully someone steps up to be a martyr, and everyone else runs. If they're smart they will.
1 for 0 is better than an ace.