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Zen, the Peaceful Panda

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In sort of a homage to Mist of Pandaria releasing

health: high
attack: medium
spell: low

Base Stats (Taken at Level s 1 and 18)

Health: 712/2107 (+113 per Level)
Mana: 167/621 (+25 per Level)
Ability Power: 0 / 0 (+0 per Level)
Attack: 56/86 (+1.67 per Level)
Movement Speed: 290/290 (+0 per Level,
Armor: 21/43 (+1.22 per Level)
Magic Resist: 30/52.5 (+1.25 per Level)
Range: 450
Critical Rate: 0%
Life steal: 0%
Spell Vamp: 0%
Attack Speed: .499/1 (+.027 per Level)

Passive- inner peace -when not in combat health and mana regen

Q- Quaking Palm- Strikes the target with lightning speed, incapacitating them for 1.5 seconds.
W- Peace Treaty- Zen signs a peace treaty which stops all champions(enemy and team mates) in a certain distance from attacking each other for a short time.
E-Yin and Yang- splits into two smaller bears (one black the other white) and charges the enemy dealing double the damage of a basic attack.
R- Just Big Boned- Zens attack damage is doubled and all attacks are reduced damage.

Appearance- Zen is rather large (even for a pandas standard) he wears a straw hat and uses a bo staff as a peace keeper(weapon).


- If I must

- On my way

- I'm sorry for this
- I do not mean to harm you
- Soon you will see peace

- True peace...