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(This is more a guide for early game but if you want to add late game advice for other people you can do so)

So you decided to start playing Rammus? Well arent you cool. With your spikey shell and powerball. You are a true boss. Rammus is not an assasin, he is a tank character. Your job is to take the damage and push towers. Unfortunately his auto attack does not very much damage to towers so if you have your Ulti you might as well use it because its not very good to use to gank anyway. Also you have to get items that have armor and health. So sunfire cape is the way to go.

So when the game starts you have to get your (E) move first. Its your taunt it will cause enemy players to attack you against their will. Pretty much an amazing tower kill move. People early game are normally pretty desperate for ganks so if your getting pushed hard just tower hug and pretend to recall its almost irresisitable to kill you. You might die but they'll die to so if you have a lane partner they can advance the lane forward. First item you want to get is dorans shield because it gives you +130 health 10 armor and I believe 6 health regen per 5 seconds I think. Either way its a good starting item but you should sell it late game. And its good to get a potion because getting heal on a tank is not very smart. As for your summoner spells get fortify and teleport. Second spell you want to get is power ball(Q).

Power ball turns you into a ball and increases your movement speed and serves as a nuke when you hit someone. If your trying hard to gank someone you can taunt then power ball in them and hope you got someone with you because after that you wont be able to do much more damage to them. Third spell you want to get is (W) defensive ball curl thing, when your tanking a tower or taking a lot of damage put this up as fast as you can it increases your armor by a lot which is the most important thing you need. And then when you hit level 6 you will get your ulti. After that its pretty much smooth sailing if your doing good. Just keep getting more health and armor, stack sunfire capes and other health and armor giving items. If your worried about your score it doesnt really matter people will kill steal you a lot but your a tank you dont need a good kdr. As long as you have like mad assists you wont be viewed as a complete scrub.