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need good 3v3 comp ideas + advice

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DIG imadongerpie



I have got to the 1200's, but its starting to get to that point where we are losing more than winning now. I would love some composition ideas, and also, advice on how exactly to jungle in 3v3, any help is appreciated! thanks!!

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I hope you don't mind but I am copying Texas Deviant's answer, his team just got plat. This is a very good thing and worth reading EVERY WORD!

I wish I had an answer for the best team comp! We went through several, but let me tell ya, if you don't have a team comp, you are destined for trouble.

When we first started we general picked, hey we are good at these champs! so lets run our best and see what we get.

We tossed back and forth who went ap who went ad blah blah, it got us bouncing around the 1400s, but we lost miserably to anyone worth their salt. We usually ran xin zhao lux/annie and darius/lee sin.

Our next thought was this isn't good enough for us, lets come up with a strategy, so we found that an all aoe team was absolutely amazing. Against any team that isn't coordinated, they can be the most op picks and lose horribly to us every time.

We solidified roles, one guy was designated top, and he usually ran wukong. Then we took rumble/vlad and shyv bot (no smite at this time :P).

We stopped running the jungle invades (their side) and set up in ours, if we got sight, we were usually coordinated enough to get first blood unless their level 1 team was obviously better (not hard cause rumble level 1 is not the best).

This team was a straight 6 team. You can easily pull gold with an aoe team. Farm and be smart till 6. Then only fight when you have your ults. With shyv, wukong, and rumble, we destroyed. In fact we took 3 teams to 15xx elo with this. Reaching 1601 with them. However, I tell you what, we rejoiced when we saw a jax or a darius.

Never give up a free dragon unless you are stuck in turtle mode, and always keep it warded around the time anyone (ally or enemy) gets a madreds razor. (Once wukong or shyv got razor, we could dragon if done right, otherwise 2 razors, or 1 wriggles was an easy dragon).

Sadly we lost to counter teams. Things like yorick and ad lulu and cho gath and so on.

But we learned. Find out what your team works with and keep that in mind. AoE teams work very well for those semi-tanky to real tanky teams. If they try and combat damage-tanky vs you, you win.

Then we started seeing the poke teams, stuff like ezreal nunu is a nightmare. We can stomp all early and mid game with those ults, but eventually ezreal will prevail. And we also saw teemos and the like. For the real mobile high burst games we needed a different strategy (people like teemo ez and so on can just get out of the ults and kite all day). Not to mention the turtle games. So many games the aoe comp ran into a loss because we would get them all the way to their inhib towers and couldn't progress.

The weakness is that we didn't have a ranged attack, or any one champ so inherently tanky that we could effectively split push or tower dive.

We ran some in between strategies, gragas to replace rumble was nice for a damage alternative, and jayce over wukong, changed us to a more mobile catch em and destroy em team. This kept in the same area, and when you are vying against an average of 2k elo solo/duoists trying to make plat, it doesn't always work. But it was a good start.

Around here we had two general comps, rumble, shyv, wukong, and gragas/rumble, shyv/dar, jayce. We also worked in shyvanna with smite every single round without fail to contest objectives.

We started out banning people like lee sin singed and so on, because they are really good... but turns out its the wrong mentality. Banning what works against your comp is really the upmost of importance. When we have a wukong top, we generally ban trynd as he doesn't always win trades and its hard when the trynd can constantly jungle.

But now without fail, we have malphite, mundo, and nunu banned.

Malphite came from early comps of ours, that debuff is just too much in conjuncture with FH. Mundo kites and baits real easily, and his ganks are phenomenal. He is also just too prone to not dying when we need him to. And lastly nunu.

NUNU is an amazing ban (or pick if you roll that way). Prevents carries like ezreal steamrolling, prevents a double smite mechanic. and many many more.

Our last switch to move us forward was introducing garen to the mix in replace of jayce. Neither comp is worse, but most importantly it accomplished the goals we needed. Garen can build tanky and remain relevant damage wise. So we could push towers and take objectives quickly.

Above all else, you want to pick a comp and theorize what its good at, and put it up against a list of what you need it to do.

For example:
Damaging towers: Shyv has an amazing time with them (twin bite), Garens q, wukongs q, (basically attack timer resetters)

Taking dragon: Shyv always builds wriggles, certain picks top would too (wukong, jayce sometimes)

What kind of damage are you dependent on: CC comps? AoE comp? Ult comp? etc.

Above all communicate and stick together. Be wary of what their team can do, and what you can do, and play to your strengths.

Originally Posted by Rompedor

Do you set strategies that you go into every match with? (i.e. we always gank bot lane or we always get dragon first.)
tl;dr edit - Control the map. Never let a dragon go for free (your aim is to get ALL the dragons). Constantly evolve your play to take you to new heights.

1) Buy according to their team. I was the ap pick for the team. As rumble I always tossed between boots 3 pot, or if they are heavy ad, dorans shield.

2) GET TO YOUR MID BRUSH. Be prepared. (the one above your sides minion camp spawn)

3) How does your level 1 team compare to theirs? Do you win out right? Do you lose outright? Do you win if you have vision first?

If you win outright, get everyone together and attack their mid brush. Sometimes they will be there, sometimes they wont. Be wary, you will take the first hit so be ready to mitigate damage and focus hard.

If you lose outright, please don't be afraid to run. Make sure everyone is on the same exact page and react accordingly.

Now, if you might win and you have vision first. Be ready, this means they thing they can catch you off guard, or they (to themselves) have the dominating team. React accordingly, and focusing the same target is absolutely paramount here.

4) Do they have smite (almost all higher levels will)?

Our shyv doesn't feel amazingly comfy with jungling full time, so we almost always run shyv bot. We'll take a camp. So we take the hit by allowing them three lanes. The typical set up is run 2 top, 1 bot. Reason being is top is easier to gank, and has better dragon control.

Now its kinda weird running the smiter bot, but realistically, two top will prevent the dragon, we aren't attempting to do it, if they catch us off guard. When we are ready to make the play, shyv will be there with smite.

If they have 2 bot for some reason, then we usually let the ap run down bot (rumble's harpoons make for great initiation if they aren't paying attention).

In general though, focus on their champs. Find their weak link and exploit it. If they run a bot morde (hue) shove two champs down there and harass him to hell and back. When you get ganked (make sure its only a 2v2 not 3v2) and you will handle yourself fine.

Get wards up in mid and dragon almost 100% of the time past your first buy.

5) Who gets gold?

There are different times in the game when certain champions need the gold more. In my opinion, you want one of the ad bruisers with a wriggles asap. For us, our dragon control began as soon as shyv got 1000/1600 gold from laning. Never let a kill go for free, but.. in general let the person who will start your dragon control get more gold in the beginning .

6) You got razor/wriggles, now what?

For us, they have a jungler, and so we got drag warded. Never let them take it for free, EVER. Get there and stop them. Early game its easy. If its a 3v3, and one team can even be a good portion of gold behind, the person who starts dragon first should lose. Dragon is op in a teamfight. Make your play (either see that 1 or 2 are bot), or you get a kill or two, (usually by dropping ults or ganking correctly). Then take dragon.

Turn on your time stamps for messages. And whenever dragon goes down, know that in 5 minutes from that very second, it will be back. you need to set up a play and be ready to take it. If you are doing well, it usually goes down in less than 15 seconds. So if the other team isn't paying attention, you can get dragon, and then force a 2v3 (as 2 people realize that dragon spawned and their person bot is running up top as fast as he can).

6) Control the map.

If you know they are warding heavy, or have someone like teemo. Get an oracles, stop their vision. Shutting that down frees up so many gank opportunities. Now you need objectives.

Never let a winning teamfight go unpunished. Essentially, if you take 1 of their members out. Push a tower, damage it, and back off if you need to.

If you kill 2. you need to take a tower.

If you ace, early on, thats one tower, later on thats 2 or the game.

Get buffs as they come up. For us it was taking red and the top jungle buffs back from that pesky lee sin jungle :P

7) Make calculated risks.

In turtle games you will eventually hit a wall. They got their tower up, and you will have to fight all 3 of them under it just to kill it to get to their inhib. Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice, to damage the tower. Others you lure them into death with an objective (usually dragon). But above all, never, ever, ever, ever, just throw your lives away for no reason.

If you win a fight, keep a close eye on their respawn timers, dont get caught taking a buff camp in victory only to have their ezreal come zipping back over cause he died first and pick you off (i've been there).

Originally Posted by Rompedor

What are the most common mistakes people make in 3s?
tl;dr edit - Stagnating and thinking you can't improve is a big one. Constantly look for strategies in other teams and judge them as worthy of incorporating and try it out a few times, I mean, they did get to the same elo you are while doing it. Also, don't lose focus. Relax and rejoice after you see the victory on your screen, not before.

This one could go in the previous question too but:

8) Do not lose focus/communication.

Starting from about 20 seconds into the match, all 3 people need to be working in tandem. Looking for opportunities to gank, looking to defend people who are in trouble, and keeping everyone in check.

Sometimes its real easy to get in the groove and go look! We've gotten 3 dragons up on them, and 2 towers and 7 kills, we got this, and then relax. People who want the win the most will get it. Even if they have been pushed to their nexus.

Do not get sloppy, and do not show mercy no matter what. Be polite in all chat, or turn it off. Do not get mad when you make mistakes. Admit your **** up and get back in the game.

Go all in until you see the victory at the end of your match, and then celebrate your victory. Too many games have been thrown otherwise :P

9) Lastly, always have the next goal in mind.

For the first 5 minutes or so, its a bit of a lane fest. People testing their damages and reactions from the enemy team. Every now and then you will get a good gank, and burn summoners or even draw a kill. But past that point, you need to be looking for team fights where you without a doubt win.

Control dragon. And be there before it even spawns. Dont arrive a minute early, but if there is 15 seconds left you need to be there.

Too many people are like o hey, dragon is up in a minute, lets be sure to be there. Meanwhile all 3 enemies are on the dragon spawn point, and they down it 5 seconds after it spawns.

"Its only 10 minutes into the game.. how..." Never underestimate what 3 people can do to early dragon.

The last mistake and probably the biggest is that you need to constantly evolve your tactics in game.

You picked your champs, and you run what you are strong at sure. But if you see a weakness of yours getting exploited (say jayce isn't laning very well against a rengar), do not say ehh just deal with it until we can group up. Mitigate resources (gank) to relieve pressure or get kills.

And do not be afraid to ask for other opinions. Sometimes people see what you miss, and when you are thinking ahh build ninja tabi on shyv, the other 2 may be saying she needs mercs because the top lane and jungle are not doing so hot, their ap is gonna be stronger quicker.

The last mistake is cementing your picks.

Dont get me wrong, we got high gold off of running shyv wukong rumble every game. But if you want to take it to the next level, put some thought process in to your set up and get several team comps down that work better in certain situations.