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TT issues

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Riot doesn't give TT much attention. There are problems that need to be addressed i.e., turtling, the turret ranges, jungle difficulty. We can all agree on this. Nothing has been done. It is a problem of allocation of resources; there aren't enough players to grant more riot support, which imo is justified in riot's defense. The reason there aren't enough players is that a lot of people try to solo queue to start playing TT, which ends in destruction via trynd, darius, rengar etc. The fix is to ban champs or to counter the enemy team when picking teams (those champs can be countered np). However, there is no solo queue because there isn't a large enough player base in TT to support draft normals. It sucks because I really love this map and the play style. I like contributing 33.3% to the team because it is more of a contribution than SR. I love what Sam and others are doing to promote this map, but it just seems hard to dig it out of what it currently is. I can't propose a solution, I'm just stating the problems. To me, it seems that TT is in need of a rework in a few ways, and it takes effort on both sides. Hopefully, in the future, this map will be more awesome to play on. Because like i said, I LOVE the game play that this map offers.

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A lot of people enjoy this map, despite how people talk trash, it's just riot needs to give most of their attention to sr, bugs an champions, with all that time tt isn't really of a great importance due to the fact there are no championships held. People usually do this map while waiting for friends to finish their match, expecting a fast game. I love this map aswell, it takes priority to me, but riot doesn't really need to do anything because they feel it isn't important to them, there are many threads about this, many supporters, we keep trying only to be ignored. Only thing you can do in the meantime is either support the other threads or just deal with the fact that us tt players are left to rot like teemo in cho'gaths guy :P