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Champion Auditions - Kha'zix the Voidreaver

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Ryugi Kazamaru

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Nope. No limit.

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Ask The Reaver

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Change. Change is good. Kha’Zix sat there hidden in the branch of a tree. There it was. A fierce predator of the area, and he was soon to be the prey. Oh how he loved it. To watch as the strong become weak, and hear their screams. It made him feel strong. It reminded him who is the greatest hunter and killer of them all. He watched as the four legged beast was moving around, seemingly unaware of the Voidreaver’s presence. He locked his gaze on the beast, looking for weak spots. Once he found his spot he let out a loud roar, making the beast look up to the trees, but alas, it was too late and Kha’Zix has already sunk his claws into the beast’s neck. The beast let a roar of pain, followed by a gurgle as it began to choke on its blood. It only took a few seconds for the beast to drown in its blood, and lay there lifeless on the ground. He looked down and smiled at his afternoon meal, as he cut it open. He leaned in and began to devour on the entrails of his prey. He cracked a bit of smile as he pulled away from the beast. This one was strong. The predator’s strength began to surge through him. Look out! Your Kha’Zix is evolving!

((Yes I had to do that))

The covers on his back began to lift open, and in a flash, wings sprouted from his back with green gunk. His twitched his wings a bit, to try and get used to the feel of controlling them. Then the power extended to his claws, as the bone began to stretch out and increase in size, letting out a grunt in pain. That was when he felt the power course through the spikes on his shoulders. The bone in his shoulders began to separate, to make way for larger spikes. Needless to say it hurt, as he let out a scream in pain, as the spikes shot out from his shoulders. He was slouched over a bit, on knee, breathing heavily. Change was good, but it does not mean that change hurts. Blood still dripping from his teeth, he laid there on knee, as he looked at his prey, who laid there cut open and a bloody mess. His scythes began to glow purple, as little sparks touched the ground. Kha’Zix stood up as he looked at his claws and spikes. Such power… But it wasn’t enough. He needed more. He was still hungry. Suddenly a roar came from the bushes, and in a blur of grey, blue, and orange, came a cat like beast. His blade and claws were extending forward, and his teeth showing, as he tackled Kha’Zix to the ground. This beast was no other than Rengar, the Pridestalker. Rengar swiped at his face with the two blades on his left arm, connecting with the top of Kha’Zix’s head. Kha’Zix yelled out in fury, and with a powerful swipe, struck Rengar in his left eye. Rengar yelled in pain as he held his eye, and Kha’Zix kicked him off of him. Kha’Zix hopped up onto his feet and looked at Rengar, giving off a roar. Rengar merely laughed, as he stroked his tied up beard. “You call that a yell bug? This is a yell of true predator!” He said as he let out a bellowing roar, that even made birds in the distance fly out of their trees. Kha’Zix looked at him as he gave a small smile. “You think you are the predator? Ha! You are merely the prey!” He said. “What is your name cat?” He asked Rengar. Rengar looked at him, as he got into a fighting stance. “My name is Rengar! And your head shall adorn my wall!” He said as he threw a bola at his leg. Kha’Zix merely swatted the bola away and laughed. “That is the best you have Rengar!?” He yelled, but Rengar already leaped into the air, ready to stab him with his blade. Kha’Zix stepped back as he slashed with both claws. Rengar managed to block one, but the other went across his left arm. He let out a grunt of pain as he glared at Kha’Zix. Kha’Zix merely smiled at him as he licked the blood off his claw. “Hmmmm… Your blood… I can taste your strength and power. Oh how good of a meal you will be.” He said as he leaped into the air, tackling him. Rengar was knocked back by the tackle, as he let the momentum carry him and Kha’Zix, and then halted himself so that he was on top of Kha’Zix. He clawed and he swiped as Kha’Zix did his best to block and fight back. Though he managed to push him off, not without suffering cuts and wounds. The two breathed heavily, as Kha’Zix merely smiled, still in a fighting stance. “Although I am more powerful than you, you actually make me put in the effort. It’s a shame I won’t be able to experience this every day.” He said. Rengar stood there, getting back into a stance as well. “Indeed. After wall, I find it hard for a bug like you to fight, when your head will be mounted above my the door to my den!” He said as he began charging. Kha’Zix saw him coming as he merely cloaked and stepped out of the way. Rengar swiped at the air as he looked around for a brief moment. Where did he go? He was here a second ago…. And that was when Kha’Zix moved to his back, and sank his claws into him. Rengar arched back as he let out a roar of pain. He turned around as he swiped at his back to get Kha’Zix. Though Kha’Zix merely laughed as he moved out of the way and cloaked again. Rengar kept his body turning, his fur covered in blood, along with his dreads, as he yelled into the air. “Is this how you wish to fight!? Fine then!” He said as he too, became invisible. Rengar found Kha’Zix. He was not hiding in the bush, or in the tree, but was merely standing in front of him. It was a challenge to Rengar, and he accepted it. Rengar leaped at Kha’Zix as he sunk his blade into his shoulder. Kha’Zix yelled in pain as he glared at him, launching a vorpal spike at him. Rengar took the full force of the spikes as he was knocked away from Kha’Zix, who healed himself from the explosion.

The two fought on for the rest of day. Hiding, and waiting, then pouncing from their hiding spots to fight each other, and then going back into hiding, repeating what they did before. Though after one small fight he had with him, Rengar ran off and Kha’Zix went into hiding, preparing himself for the next round….. But it never came. He smiled. He made him run, and that alone made him feel strong. Though… He wasn’t dead. He hadn’t seen the color of his own blood for a long, long, LONG time. He would find Rengar once again, and kill him, and savor the taste of his flesh, but for now, he must rest and heal. So with that fight done, he head off into the jungle to ready himself for future confrontations.


Ram stood at the door that held Kha’Zix. A summoner stood by the door with Ram and turned to him. “Now, be very careful. It appears Katie sort of disappeared from her guarding duty, but she’ll most likely be back shortly. So until then try and keep your distance from the cage.” He said. Ram looked at the summoner. “Caged? Did he do something?” He asked with a raised brow. “Yes, he was caught trying to eat a summoner, so he locked him up as punishment.” He said. “Whenever you’re ready Ram.” The summoner said, and with a nod, Ram opened the door and went inside.

There he was, simply standing there looking at Ram as he entered the room. “Greetings Kha’Zix.” Ram said as he reached into his bag for a pen and notebook. “I’m just here to ask some very simple questions.” He said as he flipped through the notebook for a fresh piece of paper. Kha’Zix sighed. “Well… It’s not like I have anything else better to do in this cell…” He said as he let out a frustrated grumble.

“Let us begin then. You are from the void correct? How do you feel about the void beast Cho’Gath?” Ram asked.

Kha’Zix merely let out a small chuckle.
“Yes… The ‘Terror’ of the void.”

Kha'Zix made air quotes with his claws.

“He devours and grows stronger like I, but he does not savor. He merely eats his food whole and just walks off to the next thing. Though I oppose of the devouring of Runeterra…”

“And why would that be? You two both like to eat your prey do you now?” Ram asked.

“Yes, but like I said, he does not savor. There are many creatures on Runeterra. Big, small, strong, weak, skinny, fat. It’d be a shame for all of it to go away with one fell swoop.”

Kha'Zix casually laid down, curling up a bit.

“Right… Speaking of devouring how do you feel about Kog’Maw.” Ram asked.

“Ah yes… The young one… Kog’Maw interests me. He reminds me of when I was younger. Running around, wishing to eat everything, though I have changed now, seeking food that is much stronger.”

Kha'Zix paused for a moment..

“The young one shows potential. If he ate right, he could become strong like I. Though I think the first problem he will have to overcome would be trying to hold his food down. He can’t become stronger if he keeps hurling his food at everyone, even if it helps him fight.”

Ram nodded, jotting down everything he was saying. “So… About Rengar…”

Kha’Zix turned his head to look at him. He stood up, as he glared at him. “What about him?”

“Your opinion on him?” He said, pencil already on the paper, ready to write.

Kha’Zix merely glared at him.

“He’s a worthy foe. He can hold his own in fights, and I love the challenge. Though Rengar cannot live forever. I will find him off the Fields…. And I WILL kill him. I will make sure that one day, I’ll be able to feast on his flesh, and grab hold of his strength. It is then that I will become the strongest.”

Kha'Zix laid back down, curling up again.

“One last thing…”

“What.” Kha’Zix said rather harshly.

“Kassadin. Opinion?”

“The Void Walker is interesting… To say the least. I admire him to an extent. I admire him because he let himself become one with the void. He had changed, and because of this, became stronger. However, he wishes to protect this world from the terrors of the void. One specific terror being myself. He even prevented me from devouring a summoner, which is why I’m in this infernal cage. So, is that all you have to ask?”

Kha’Zix’s stomach began to growl very loudly.

“Yes, that’s it. Is everything all right?”

“Everything is fine… Just Katie refusing to stay down is all…” Kha’Zix gave a smile.


Summoner: Max Belson
Date: Cortbero 8, E2Y12
Subject: Kha’Zix, The Voidreaver

Entry 1:
It took some persuasion, but we managed to get some volunteers to help record what Kha’Zix does during the day. We managed to create an area, a little bit more than a mile in diameter, so that he may roam and do whatever he pleases. He have hextech recorders in multiple places to help keep track of what he does.

Entry 2:
It’s about 11:10 AM, and we had let Kha’Zix from his time in the cage to let him stretch out a bit in the area we have fit for him… Though there is a slight concern. He found him in one of the cameras. He just sits in the tree tops, as if waiting… For something… Though for what he do not know. We’ve tried putting out some raw meat for him to eat during noon time, and even rang a bell to let him know, but all he did was turn his head to the direction of the sound, and then turning his head back to where it was facing. We’ll keep track of what he does.

Entry 3:
It’s 2:00 PM. We’ve noticed that he was moved from his spot and was now out of view of the camera, perhaps he had eaten the food we gave him? We’ve sent in summoner Kameron to investigate. Kameron went to the area of the food, to show us through the camera. The food had seemed to be untouched. Though when Kameron came into the view of the camera, Kha’Zix tackled the summoner! Kameron was able to put a fight, but was struck down by Kha’Zix. Unfortunately, it will be a small price we will have to pay in order to gain knowledge of what Kha’Zix does, for it may help us in the future if he breaks loose.

Entry 4:
It is now 2:05 PM andKha’Zix has finished eating Kameron with amazing speed. He left no scraps behind, and only left a perfectly clean skeleton of Kameron’s body. However, we later found out that Kha’Zix began to evolve, and his claws increased in size, and shape. He seemed to be testing out the sharpness on some trees, as we saw him slicing branches that were at least 10 inches thick. We’ll continue observing what he does.
Entry 5:
It’s 5:00 PM. Around 2:30 PM he stopped cutting the nearby branches and merely sat down in a tree to rest. He woke up though and looked around. He walked around the area and looked was looking around, and found one of the cameras. He seemed to leap and latch himself onto the wall, as he brought his face right up to the camera. How horrifying he looks up close… Though he yelled out in fury, and struck at the camera. We lost feed to that one, but we soon found out that he went from camera to camera, and destroyed them. As he went to the last one, he yelled into the camera saying “If you truly wish to see me, come in and find me!” We’ve sent in one of our stronger summoners, Daniel, to solve the problem.

Entry 6:
It’s 6:30 PM. We have yet to hear from Daniel, and we fear we have lost him. We decided to all go in as a group and go search for him. After a few minutes we found, him, holding another skeleton in his mouth. This time he had grown wings as he looked down at us. “Why do you watch me?” He asked use as he let the skeleton drop from his mouth. “We merely wish to observe you. That is all we want.” I said. Kha’Zix merely sat there in the tree and laughed at us. “Fine then, you will need a summoner will you not?” He said as he looked at the group. He looked at summoner Tim. He pointed at him. “Him. He will watch what I do if you want to watch me so badly. I will accept no other summoner.” He said. Though why he chose summoner Tim is beyond me. The young man is skinny and weak looking. He could hold fight back when it came to using magic, but physically he can barely fight back. Though we have no other choice I suppose. So for now, Summoner Tim will follow and record what Kha’Zix does.

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{{ On a completely related note, somehow my questions/tasks submission seems to have errored out, I could have sworn the /center worked yesterday... :x }}

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Ryugi Kazamaru

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That sucks... I would suggest writing it in a Word Document and then pasting it so it doesn't eat it.

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{{ Oh I did write it in word, I placed the two lines in center using Riot's own formatting system and it was visible *I believe* back when it was uploaded. Methinks some server crashed and broke ma post or something. I could change it back, but I might just leave it in for the sake of integrity. }}

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Ryugi Kazamaru

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Still waiting on Ask The Bug's entry before we can get to voting/judging...

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Doo dee doo

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Iron Ambássador

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Good readin' so far, will be a tough choice by the looks of it.

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The Void is strong. The Void is real. The Void is home. The Void is timeless. We are to test. We are to survive. Our Strength is real and our home is timeless. Kill. Consume. Adapt.

Kha'Zix mulled over this chant he was all to familiar with. Never in his conscious being has he slowed down enough to acknowledge what his real goal was. That was, of course the point of the exercise. As his body grew and evolved, his mind too would grow. At different points in his evolution, the same chant would have multiple meanings. Changing his goal from a weaker form, to that of more a suitable and challenging one. From surviving to conquering. From a goal to a life. Kha'Zix leaned forward resting his weight onto his claws, reminiscing over how he has changed.

Sentient is to be aware. To survive you must be aware. To be sentient you must survive.

It wasn't the blood that Kha'Zix hungered for. It was the need for strength that festered in his mind. At first glance Kha'Zix would appear to be lusting for the chance to remove flesh from bone for his own enjoyment. No, that wasn't him. Kha'Zix appreciated nature, but he wanted to rule it. He wanted to be the perfect creation.

To be perfect is to hold power. The hold power requires sacrifice. Never be the one to sacrifice.

Kha'Zix lowered the tension in his body, collapsing his wings and activating his camouflage as to not be disturbed. He stood in the middle of a large wooded area full of life. Life he once strived to best. The trees were at their fullest, offering shelter for smaller creatures. Creatures that slithered amongst their roots and smaller vegetation, to slightly larger furry ones that leapt from tree to tree. At a different time and place Kha'Zix would have given chase to these animals. Often he would endanger himself for the reward of change. However, today was a day of rest for Kha'Zix. It was today that for the first time he was no longer running off instinct, but a brain with moving parts. The gears were turning and he was able to speak, just like the voice he heard long ago.

Learn from their mistakes. Use their strengths. Grow to avoid their weakness.

As Kha'Zix was reflecting over these words, a large lumbering animal approached his hiding place. Kha'Zix was in no mood for the fight that would ensure if he were to expose himself. Today he simply wanted to figure out what to do next. Alas, the creature continued onward towards him on all fours. This creature sniffed the air in front of Kha'Zix before lifting two of side legs upwards and commence to urinate on where Kha'Zix was standing. Just a day ago the creature would have never gotten this close to Kha'Zix alive, however for the first time Kha'Zix understood the emotion that overwhelmed his Body. Rage. Kha'Zix gave away his presence and sank his claws deep into the side of the animal. The blades went straight threw bone, penetrating through to the other side. Kha'Zix's mind started running at higher speeds then imagined. He started isolating vital points on the creature's body. He came to a conclusion on how to best this beast. With a large sweeping motion he severed the head of the creature off the body and watched as it collapsed. Before he could catch himself Kha'Zix mumbled to the creature “Do not fear death. The best part of you will live on.” Kha'Zix did the only thing he knew to do after a kill. He slashed at the body of the creature in a fury and consumed the carcass.

Kha'Zix stepped away from the body and to himself pronounced “I am unstoppable.” Smiling at the remains of his light meal. That's when it hit Kha'Zix. In that single moment he realized what had happened. He had thought. He controlled his body. He was the ultimate predator. He had achieved his goal. To be more powerful through raw strength and to have the mechanics to hold a thought process. This, this was what he had hungered before. As Kha'Zix let out a howl of excitement, the air before him went black.

Soft. Sharp. A howling. Blood. Kha'Zix was down on the ground with a large lumbering beast on top of him, pinning his claws back. This beast held a sharp object in his mouth that Khaki's knew he was ready to plunge deep inside of him. Kha'Zix was pinned on his back helpless watching as the predator crushed his front limbs. Suddenly Kha'Zix remembered to think again. Where once he would lash out again and again at his foe, he calmed down his body ready for this new trick. Kha'Zix unfolded his wings with such force it propelled not only him off the ground but the attacker as well. The beast was not done. The beast lunged at Khaki's. The two engaged in a symphony of slashing and lashing, a dance of blood, and music of their howls.

The Void is... Survive... Must survive... Be... Sacrifice... Learn... Weakness...

The moon floated high in the sky as Kha'Zix ventured under the protection of a low tree. His wounds sealing as he collapsed to the ground. He had spilled blood today. It wasn't a familiar taste. Kha'Zix didn't like its taste. All too soon had he become the ultimate predator. All too soon had that title been ripped from him. Just a day ago Kha'Zix would already be on the hunt for this predator, but that's before he could make decisions. Before that he would have let hatred fill his body and track this beast down.However, tonight it was respect for such a beast that moved Kha'Zix. Before he realized where he had dragged himself, a man in a robe greeted the predator.


“Interview the new guy they said,” Ram Steed murmured as he briskly walked to the entrance of the famed League of Legends, “It will be fun they said! He is the ultimate predator they said!” Steed walked right up the institution and shoved open the large doors that had greeted so many, “They ought to make me a champion. I've survived far worse then half these 'champions'.” Being all to familiar with institute, Steed had no problem finding the summonses he was assigned to meet. “You there!” Steed shouted at the whole group, “Get over here now!”

Ram Steed used to be a very happy going, hard working and very pleasant man all around. Ever since “The Incident,” that the league had let happen (as far as Steed is concerned) Steed only has the hard working part left. Which is good in this case because no one else is ready to handle the task at hand: An interview with Kha'Zix.
Steed was lead into a large empty a room-a room once used to haunt prospective champions into kneeling before themselves-and stood in the center. Steed tapped his foot impatiently waiting for the ritual. The room fell dark-as Steed expected- and suddenly a blast of air as Steed was “transported” miles away into the domain of Kha'Zix. Steed didn't want to waste time. The Predator didn't want to waste time either. The Predator had been promised a restricted pass to the rest of valoran if he accepted this interview. Without waiting for him to appear Steed pulled out his trust pad and writing utensil from almost thin air. The void beast was the first to speak.

“Where did those come from?” inquired the beast.
“Magic,” Steed bitterly replied, “Let's begin.” Steed waited for an okay.
“Go,” replied Kha'Zix. Close enough. Here is a transcript of the conversation:
Steed: “So, the biggest thing people are wondering about is your relation to the other void champions.”
Kha'Zix: “Cho'GATH and Kog'MAW you mean?”
S: “The very ones.”
K: “I like them”
S: “Me too. That it?”
K: “No”
S: “Then by all means continue.”
K: “If you noticed-”
S: “I didn't.”
K: “You're very confident”
S: “You're not really here and I'm hungry”
K: “Do you really want to discuss eating?”
S: “No, now back to Gath and Maw.”
K: “They aren't Gath and Maw, those are family names.”
It should be noted at this point Steed's attitude changed a bit as he became interested.
S: “Now this is getting a bit juicier. Care to explain the meaning?”
K: “I'll keep it short, like you've been to me. Gath is a special type of 'family.' They specialize in settling new areas-”
S: “Well how about that.”
K: “-and Maw is a new 'family' to the Void.”
S: “Aren't you timeless?”
K: “Silence!”
S: “Okay Cho.”
K: “The Maw's are a group of the Voidborn that specialize in destroying”
S: “I thought Koggles just wanted to eat.”
K: “No. The Voidborn are raised very differently then that of the traditional thought. We have no definite beginning, nor end. We simply are, at the will of Daddy.”
S: “I never imagined you would be one to use the word 'Daddy' so affectionately.”
K: “Daddy raises us. He tells us who we are. He told 'Koggles' to eat, but he trained him to destroy. Though I'm not a fan of eating without purpose, I find time to muse myself with Kog'Maw.”
S: “Well this has actually been quite informative! Let's carry on. I only have two more champions of the league to inquire about and I'm sure that will please the readers for months to come.”
K: “Who is the next 'meal' so to speak?”
S: “Rengar.”
K: “I have no comment.”
S: “What if he were here? Wouldn't you lash out at the given chance?”
Kha'Zix showed a genuine change of emotion from calm to rage.
K: “Do not treat me like the best I once was. I understand the hunt. I appreciate the hunt. Most importantly I respect the one called Rengar. He is the only worthy of my attention. In fact I don't particularly like these 'readers.' Let me remind you I'm only doing this to please the 'Summonses' so they will remove my mobility limitations, so that I may hunt creatures they approve of.”
Kha'Zix gestured to his wings that are locked shut with a seal of powerful summoning magic
S: “Fair enough. Just a quick question with an even quicker answer. Viktor”
K: “He believes in evolution.”
S: “The glorious revolution.”
K: “I hope he is ready for my glorious evolution.”
S: “The glorious evolution...”
At this Kha'Zix stepped in front of Steed and and lowered his eyes to Steed's level.
K: “Change...is Good”
At this the connection was cut off and Steed found himself “jerked” miles back into the hollow room. Steed stowed away his pad and writing utensil and turned to leave. As Steed rounded the first corner he overhead one of the summonses who had held the meeting together whisper, “Is he smiling?” Steed came to his senses and felt that he was smiling. The journalist we had grown to love had changed once again, hopefully this time for the good.


To tell what an “average” day in the life of the self proclaimed “Voidreaver,” or rather the “The Ultimate Predator,” is similar to the task of tracking a grain of sand between the waves and the beach. A mere hours ago Kha'Zix had finished his end of the deal he had struck with the High Council. It is now my job to track the beast as he roams across Volarn. It is my job to restrict his moves if he decides to harm a citizen. It is approaching 8 AM. Kha'Zix should be awake now. I better start adjusting to his body.

The merging of summoned and champion is never an easy task. The minds meld together to a perfect sync. A problem summonses have been facing with Kha'Zix is that his mind is evolving constantly and are having trouble with his motor skills as such. Today, however as part of the deal, Kha'Zix is forbidden from interfering with the summonses control. Afterall, it is just an observation day.

8:30 AM: Kha'Zix has fully risen and is testing the out ridges of his domain. The area of his domain is normally limited by keeping his wings and legs chained down by powerful magic casted by the high council themselves. Today he woke up with utter motor control though.

9:00 AM: Kha'Zix has been adjusting to his new found freedom and use of his wings. He has been under strict security and under limited mobility for three weeks now, yet he maneuvers with the grace Miss Fortune uses to walk.

12:12 PM: I'm supposed to keep an hourly update on Kha'Zix, but to be honest he has been so boring I've been afraid the minute my mind changed directions that he would actually do something interesting.

1:15 PM: Kha'Zix made his first kill. A snake. It got to close from where he was standing and with one swift stab of his right claw and flick of his forearm, the snake had been devoured. I wonder if he would turn into a snake if he ate enough.

2:30 PM: Kha'Zix is still where he was at 1:15 PM. Nothing has happened since that time. Refer to timelog 1:15 PM for details.

4:57 PM: Kha'Zix. I wonder if that's how they say it in the Void. Maybe it's not Kha at all! Do they have their own language. I bet our ears can't hear it if there was one.

6:00 PM:As night fell Kha'Zix began to tense up his body. Almost at attention.

7:00 PM: I started noticing the environment. There residue of blood on nearby rocks and trees. Judging by the scattering of the foliage I'd say there was a battle here once. Thankfully I paid attention to that special on tracking.

8:00 PM: Kha'Zix has gone in stealth mode. Waiting.

9:00 PM: I just received word from higher up. Someone is to meet me and relieve me of my duty. Now I'm afraid I'll miss out on the action.

10:00 PM: Still reporting. No replacement.. A strange shadow has been rustling in the bushes for some time now. That can't be R---

The log ends there as the summoner was stripped from his connection. The sudden disconnection blasted him against the nearby wall rendering him unconscious. The summoners last thought was that of, "He can't do that..." Feet could be heard as he was lifted.
“Another anonymous summoner taking the hits for high councilor.”
“I hope they learn what they want about Kha'Zix from this fight.”
“I hope Rengar knows what he is doing.”
“This could save lives with the knowledge of Kha'Zix we get.”
“ 'Record an average day of Kha'Zix' HA! I mean, he is from the Void. Define normal?”

Notes: I had A LOT of fun writing this. I hope you enjoy the read at the very least!

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Ryugi Kazamaru

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Well, that's all 4.

I'll wait to let some people read them before I make the official voting thread.