First Post, Submitting an Update to Sandstorm Katarina Skin

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USS Chaos Theory

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I fell in love with the splash art on Sandstorm Katarina, who also happens to be one of my favorite champions. Eager, I watched the video of the champion spotlight to find out that the ingame skin art only vaguely resembles the amazing splash art. The clothes were an odd purple tone, the face looked ashy, the swords were grey and dull, and her turban was lacking the decorative accents.

My project was creating a skin that would be as beautiful as the concept art. Here is the completed work, which I am interested in submitting to riot. The skin .dds file is the only thing that would require an update, making this fairly simple to implement.

Side by side comparison:

The face, turban and hair have been updated:

The hat tails feature the color and lace design:

The sword and hilt (complete with runes):

Details on the tatoo (missing from original skin) and armband:

I was unsure how to contact riot regarding my work, and decided on making a showcase on the forum.

Hope you guys enjoy the skin, it was a pleasure to make.