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Teemo build

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So this thread has already established that AD teemo isn't viable, but personally I don't find AP teemo very viable either. Why? Even with poison scaling off AP, your damage output as AP teemo isn't very reliable, especially in team fights. You have a 1-shot, single target nuke with your q, but then what? Mushrooms are too unreliable for damage, unless your target is already cc'd in place, they're just going to walk away from the mushroom before it'll do any damage. The only way they won't see it is if you place it in the chaos of a team fight, but if you just walk right into the middle of one to start planting mushrooms, you're going to die very quickly. Without the mushroom to add to his q for damage, Teemo has to rely on items like DFG and gunblade to supplement for lack of damage spells. Even with these items + deathcap/whatever, you're going to have to be in the middle of teamfights if you want to be dealing damage. And if you build squishy ap, you're going to have a hard time as AP teemo, and you'll just be reduced to the annoying squirrel who puts mushrooms in every bush, and the full ap teemo build becomes worthless and completely countered if the enemy is smart enough to buy an oracles. You'll become dead weight very quickly.

My solution? Any teemo build that isn't squishy (or at least tries to counter his squishiness). The build Sebastian posted above is decent, but your anti-squishy items are left until way too late in the game, not to mention that the early dps suffers if you rush more expensive boots like mercs before you even start on Malady. Because of Teemo's short range, you may have to build him more as a tanky dps early so you won't become an easy target, and build into a hybrid dps later. Get appropriate defense boots, stack doran's blades as necessary, and get early damage items that also help with your defense (wriggles and wits come to mind). Round out your build with a gunblade for insane sustain, a frozen mallet for even more offtankiness, and finish with what you think is necessary for defense. Finally wriggles can be replaced later (it's not like you need the active with your mushrooms) for something else.

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teemo BUILD for the new Twisted Treeline map AP/ATK SPEED CAPTAIN TEEMO

boots and dagger plus hp pot
then berserker greaves
after that malady and nashors tooth buy nashors first if u lvl 6 then malady
then frozen mallet so they cant run and u got hp
then the witch hat
and the game should end but if not buy the blood armor or ryls....maybe some other ap item, idk yet

My teemo RUNES are

reds are magic pen
quints are movement speed
yellows are atk speed
blues are ability power

my skills I upgrade are

get q then e then w always get ulti when u can
max e
max q
then use rest the pints on w


TIPS: dont stack shrooms spread them out in jungle...save one shroom for 1 v 1 or team fights and for running away if u have 3 get rid of it fast, u will charge a shroom up by the time u plant the other two. remember to adjust the build and manipulate the items to what feels comfortable to you but DONT GET RID OF MALADY AND NASHORS and be aggressive but smart.

try a game or two with my kinda a teemo and remember to only rage when you die or they miss ur shroom when they low thank you for reading....you are very patient!

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Your build is quite similar to mine actually. Mine is:

Sorcerer's Shoes
Rod of Ages
Rabadon's Deathcap
Wit's End
Madred's Bloodrazors

Not always in that order, since I sometimes get the Deathcap before the RoA. This build gives him very high damage output and reasonable durability. He can kite so well with his mushrooms that he can do without a huge amount of health. His weakness is having no sustain.

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Personally I like running on hit with several things that make him somewhat valuable in teamfights.
1)black cleaver (amplifies your AD's Damage)
2)Malady (amplifies your AP's Damage)
The rest I build him bruiser so that he doesn't get targeted such as building Zeke's Herald/Aegis of the Legion, Frozen Mallet, and guardian angel with merc treads. low dmg but amplifies your team's damage by a lot

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My main build wiht teemo that has hardly ever let me down has been:

Wits End
Frozen Mallet

those are the "core" item son him, it allows you to kite the ever loving hell out of people, have some beef with mallet.

After that I go more what the team needs. Super hp tanky team? Madreds. Super fed ap? Banshee's, super fed ad? Thornmail. Need more ap? Deathcap.

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I used to go AS Teemo until I discovered AP Teemo.

Sorc Boots
Nashor's Tooth
...are the core items. Everything else for me is situational.

I'm lowish ELO (1100), but my AP teemo just seems to get the job done. The utility of his mushrooms once you get both the deathcap and nashor's is incredible. Shroom gank and escape paths, when they start buying Oracle's, shroom every bush. Nothing like starting a team fight after the enemy team was just hit with a slowing 1K damage shroom.