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champion selecter idea

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I don't know where to post this so sorry if its in the wrong forums or someone post this before.

anyways basically my idea is simple, you choose one roll you want to play before going into the select screen (ex if you want to play carry you select carry and once in the banning/selecting screen you choose your ADC you wanted.) reason for only one is because if someone picks ADC and jungle this will cause drama.

i did read about how people want a report-kick in the banning screen but that is only going to cause more drama. such as premades kicking out someone just cus or random people in general kicking. there is not enough time for a new player to come in and know wtf is going on and pick the appropriate roll. it delays the game much longer.

the select system will pretty much eliminate all trolls and que dodgers.


  • no more calling out for your rolls
  • makes the bann selection screen quicker by just bann the champs you want to not use and afterwards pick your roll gg
  • no more QQing about what lane you want to go to
  • allows balance teams on both sides. (no more one sided teams)
  • allows people to play the roll they desire
  • kills off trolls and feeders who plays a bad champion for team comp because "IDIDNTGETMYCHAMPIONSOITROLLYOUGUIZEHEUHUEHUE"

  • trolls (you can never fully get rid of them even if you have a full proof plan)
  • ADC and jungle will most likely be the longest waiting period because its a common pick
  • people que dodge in normal select just cuse they dont like the team comp
  • someone banned your champ you were going to select (but if youre playing ranked you should know at least 4 other champs to use in the lane you are going in anyhow)

NOTE: this is for ranked games and select picking only. since que dodging if pretty rare now a days it shouldnt be a problem.. remember their is always going to be flaws in a system but this system im suggesting is more for getting rid of trolls and feeders

feel free to add suggestions and such. please thumbs up this as much as possible so riot can see this! TY

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sG Ice

Senior Member


Problem with adding this is that it solidifies the current meta as a requirement in ranked play. Riot constantly says their goal is not to push one meta (although many times I have my doubts) and your system would do exactly that.

Also if it were to happen, you should not pick champs. Just roles

Just my opinion

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Senior Member


I think riot is well and pleased with their meta.

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Personally I think the real issue is that the champ select takes forever. What I'd like to see is an effort to reduce this time.

Players should be able to choose their champs at any time. Just don't show them to the opposing team until after they are locked in and deselect them if they get banned or selected by a prior player. This will help teams come up with better compositions as it's a clear indicator of who is going to pick what. Because things are clearer it should also reduce total time spent in champ select.

While I'm at it, you should be able to shop in champ select and they should reduce minion spawn time by 20 seconds.

More time playing, less time preparing to play I say!