Domain of the Crystal Vanguard (Open RP)

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I do not suspect that there will come a time when two individuals will wish to stand so strongly against Zaun with none but one another at each other's back. I appreciate your choice of wording. For as wise as I am, I am unused to the subtleties of human politics. I owe Zaun nothing, so I find it odd that they would cause an issue to know that I had disallowed them due research.

They are careless of their subjects in their experiments. I would not see them do harm to an Arachia and I am all but certain that they would if given unrestricted access.

However, Geo, I feel there will come a time when we will need to stand against some force larger and greater than us. When such a time comes, I will have none to rely upon but yourself. Be ready.

Another letter.

Trust me, it is as confusing and aggravating as it appears. I wish I could just speak bluntly all the time, but I dare not risk telling all the Zaunites to "piss off". I am also hunting for allies. People we can trust. I have found few and their skills are petty....however one intrigues me. She has potential, but she has her own trust issues, so she is not with us as of yet. I will keep investigating her, to see if my instincts are correct.

You ever need my blade, you know how to summon me. I have found that this new form moves very quickly.