An Indepth Look at a Good Team Composition with Ezreal as AD

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Ezreal is my favorite AD carry in this game. One problem I have encountered often with Ezreal is the progression from mid to late game. I was wondering if I could get some constructive advice from pro ezreal players out there!

The way I normally build my ezreal is quite simple. Boots to 2 dorans. Sheen. Bloodthirster. Zeal either to tryn force or Phantom. Chain vest or Negatron. IE. Last Whisper. GA or banshee.

My worst nightmare are Assassins with repetitive distant closers. Akali (only if fed). Diana (only if fed) (which normally if they are any good, they are semi fed)

These AP assassins work exceptionally well with Mid APs like Gragas. I say this as one large CC can clear the way for their assassins to come for me. It is easy for me to avoid Gragas ult, but if i dont follow in with my team, the my dps wont help the fight. The opponent will just shred my tanks and bruisers in those crucial seconds. If I go in to help, I risk the burst damage from these ap assasins as well as multiple other CC's.

I've thought about various strategies to counter similar game plays. With a good support, it is rare for me to lose bot at 1400 - 1600 elo. What happens is when we hit stalemates. This is where I believe the team composition really matters alot. And here we come to the main point of this discussion.

I think the best combination for ereal is a solid Early and Late game team. ( I will be excluding Malphite, Nautilus, Amumu, Shen, Alistar, Blitzcrank as some combination of these champs are often banned)

1. Ezreal, Janna, Scarner, Brand, Cho Gath
2. Ezreal, Soraka, Mundo, Ryze, Poppy
3. Ezreal, Leona, Udyr, Katarina, Galio
4. Ezreal, Sona, Cho Gath, Zilean, Yorick

These were not choosen at random. The most important pick of these teams are the support. I wanted to hear some input on these selections. Their strengths and weaknesses.

Team 1. Ezreal Janna. Cannot lose lane. Can perhaps get kills. Its a very solid pick and my favorite pic. Her shield and cc is a great protection against ganks before and after 6. Heal Ignite on Ezreal, Flash Exhaust on Janna.

Scarner, Brand, Cho Gath, are a great combination in team fights. Their late game is formidable. Any opponent would not want to come in to a team fight with these three champs. Team fights can start with skarner ults, Cho gath landing a splendid slow, or a brand stun. How it goes on from there is pretty much protect brand until they commit. Ezreal sustaining DPS acting as bait with scarner and Janna as CC and protection. Cho gath will not chase but remain in the center of the team until it is appropriate to go all out and eat their carry. A main problem is this team is very vulnerable to poke, therefore a strategy has to be made to not spend too much time daddling. Either fight or do something else.

Team 2. This is a team with much Less CC. Soraka sustain + Mundo Slow, and Ryze's Cage should be more than enough protection for me fight in the center. I thought alot about this tankier team. The reason I choose poppy top is because she poses a threat so big that others will probably have no time to focus me. I can deal with Early and Mid game. A late game poppy mundo soraka combo is beyond me.

Team 3. A very defensive team that acts as a moving trap. Leona Galio Katarina is a great set up to make sure katarina can pull off a successful ult. Galios buff on Ezreal would put my mind at ease against most Aps. Leona and Galio can trade support positions after laning phase. I can build GA and not Banshee. Udyr's continuous stun and damage is a great for this team as well. The biggest problem is that more responsibility is placed on my shoulders to carry the team as I will be the only main dps. In tight fights. I will be in the frey hoping udyr can hold them off with stuns and randuin omen. Katarina will also be drawing alot more attention.

Team 4. Team 4 is something I've never tried. The Yorick, Zilean combo with Jungle AD cho Gath can prove to be quite interesting. This is a team very focused on early game dominance that will not neccessarily drop late game. This is because I will not build any defensive items. GA will be another bloodthirster. If i get caught i have aoe stun, silence, 2 revives to keep me going. If they choose not to focus me then...they made a mistake.

Please comment on these team compositions. This discussion is purely theoretical. I am assuming everyone knows Ezreals Early Game dominance, as well as the importance of a good support!