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How to play Singed?

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Seen It All

Senior Recruiter


ms quints. all of them. fast singed = gg

people who say MovSpd quints is good on singed in 3v3 are ignorant, singed ult gives him move speed why need so much its a waste of stats, Singed is not as great anymore as he once was and not even a worthy ban, only noobs lose to him that cant deal with it the right way or feed him hard.

I would suggest getting as much AP runes as you can for lvl 1 fights and helps in lane phase since you will get harassed, most people have to deny singed early to have a chance, get 2 GP5's and start building into RoA and Ryles, building any defensive items in between to help team like aegis, FH, or even omen, depending on other teams comp and effectiveness.

If you seem like your doing really well and now one is focusing you then build hard AP like a deathcap or something.

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Senior Member


Rush catalyst/Roa. Get defensive boots (merc treads or tabis). Build the best defnsive item for the game (thornail/randuins or FoN, depending on other team). Then get abyssal/deathcap if possible - if you're not tanky enough by that stage that you can basically hang around the other champs and not fight unless you choose to, you're not tanky enough, and need to delay your ap.

Singed is not a top tier AP carry. He is a top-tier tank/support/disruptor.