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Looking For Serious in Depth Advice and/or Links. (Might be Long)

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Who: 24 years old, live at home, no current job, 3 years of college(CS major), I only play Madden/LoL(Used to play WoW at a pretty high level), fairly intelligent, open to new ideas/strategies.

What: I tend to drink a lot and then come home and play. At the start of season 2 my first 40 or so games I lost at a rate of about 70-75%. I knew I was better than that so I stopped and peaked at 1343? (then continued to q drunk thinking I was good, now at like 1180 and was 1231 when reward changes were announced 200 games played ranked solo 5s) I guess I kinda digressed.

I have 2 real life friends that I play 3s with and back in March I with JAX, SKARNER, and Urgot went on a 9-1 steak reached 1400 and never played again. In between then and now we lost some games with the Jax rework and him getting banned every game(our Jax in rl is actually really dumb doesn't listen or take advice when someone gives it and is just all around ignorant).

However, we got better I feel, but we can't deal with 3s jungles. I have no idea how they work or how they can even be efficient. (I usually main jungle in 5s) I have no idea where to start, although off my advice we usually catch them early game and take the advantage if someone takes smite, but we eventually lose.

How: Help an experienced 5s jungle learn to do it in 3s or how to counter it, or make it manageable late game. (I'm talking we take our little camp bot and top when they jungle and some how with wards, map awareness etc, the 1-1-jungle comps always = a lost.)

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You have to picka really strong jungler. I've been practicing in solo queue with nunu and he's beastly at clearing jungle and ganking. Ward buff so that you can see dragon+top buff and ward red buff

I generally start cloth+5 too for safe HPs when I get lvl 2 and want to gank top.

Start mid camp on your side then go small camp then run around top and gank. Been working in blind matches so far gonna try it out with nunu in ranked soon.

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Links? I have a few.





Hopefully some of them are useful to you. It's too bad we can't have a sticky at the top of the forums or something. I bet there are a lot of posts/guides that are good, buried somewhere.