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[Guide] Tristana, Farming and Running

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I have seen a few Tristana guides on here, and mine is not unlike those, but more one-track minded. I view Tristana as a early/mid game farmer and late game ultra carry/pusher. So lets get started.


1) First up would be Ghost. I find this to be a more useful skill than Flash on Tristana because she already has Rocket Jump. I use it as a defensive skill 95% of the time and since I am avoiding fights for the first 2/3 of the game, I find this to be the best Spell for that purpose.
2) As the second skill I prefer to go with Rally to help with tower pushing specifically. Dropping Rally and Take Aim with decent items can drop a tower in about 10 seconds. Feel free to go with any skill you find to be more useful, but for my build I would go with this. Teleport is probably the next best Spell as it helps even more with the whole farming thing, I consider Rally more useful though.


Not in game until next week, I will update this section when they are ingame.


All damage. Tristana is all about max physical DPS, and I would build her the same way (yes even including the terrible ones).

3/3 Deadliness
1/3 Archmages Savy (extra point)
4/4 Alacrity
3/3 Sunder
2/2 Offensive Mastery (helps farm)
3/3 Brute Force (helps farm)
3/3 Lethality
1/1 Improved Rally
1/1 Havoc

3/3 Perserverance (helps you stay in your lane longer)
1/1 Haste
4/4 Awareness
1/1 Greed (helps with the money gathering, but feel free to put this wherever you like.)

1 Rocket Jump
2 Explosive Shot
3 Explosive Shot
4 Take Aim
5 Explosive Shot
6 Buster Shot
7 Explosive Shot
8 Take Aim
9 Explosive Shot
10 Take Aim
11 Buster Shot
12-13 Take Aim
14-18 Finish off Rocket Jump with the final rank of Buster Shot @ 16

The justification here is Rocket Jump at level 1 for survivability, this will save you so many times from certain death. If certain death is still on your heels, hit Ghost. The biggest rule is never farm without enough mana and a way out using Rocket Jump.

Everything else is to help you farm, by level 11 you should be sailing into your first major DPS item, and hero kills are actually viable, but remember, the goal is to farm creeps, not fight champions. Only take fights you know you can win, and that's not many until late game.

-Picking your lane

I would go with a dual lane. You're not going to do much in early or mid game, let the gankers and tankers and early game pushers take those so highly sought after solo lanes. You're looking to just sit in your lane and pick off last hits. No rush to gain levels, you'll end up running from most fights for the first 20 minutes of game-play anyway.


The end goal is
Berserker's Greaves
Black Cleaver
Infinity Edge
possibly a Phantom Dancer if by some miracle the game drags on that long.

But we'll start at the beginning.

Health Potion

Longsword helps get those level 1 last hits in. At such a low level, 10 damage goes a long way, and I find this to be a better starting investment than the Vampiric Scepter. Feel free to pop the Health Potion as soon as you get low enough to get the full effect, if it gets you 3 more last hits before you are forced to blue pill, it was money well spent.

Depending on how well you farmed, you should be able to pick up boots primarily for running away, and possibly a Vampiric Scepter to give you a bit more staying power, by the time you go back to town.

Next time you run back to town, go for a Pickaxe, or if you farmed well, BF Sword. Our main 3 items we are building towards are, first the Bloodthirster or the Black Cleaver, turn your boots into Berserker's Greaves whenever you feel the need, then the Infinity Edge to finish off the game.

There is no major emphasis on finishing any of these early. The primary focus is a high damage stat. Take Aim will take care of your attack speed needs, and crit only helps vs other champions, which we're avoiding. High damage will not only make last hitting ridiculously easy, it will help do more damage for those 7 seconds it counts while Take Aim is up.


The goal of my Trist is to farm farm farm. The whole game you should be looking for empty lanes, and run your little legs over there and farm up them kills. Make sure not to auto attack and focus solely on last hitting. Pushing is not your goal and you do not want to end up too deep into enemy territory.

However, Rocket Jump and Buster Shot are both great escape mechanisms, so pushing empty lanes is not necessarily a bad thing. When the opportunity presents itself, check the map, double-check the map, make sure you know where every enemy hero is and triple check the map. Then, if all is well, feel free to push up to an open tower and Rally/Take Aim it down to 1/2 health or whatever you can do before you run for the hills. This keeps the other team always watching for your pushes and helps keep the pressure off the rest of your team, which is probably fighting a 4v5 battle.

If you don't think any lanes are safe to push, take a walk through the jungle, by level 11 you should be able to kill just about any camp.

once you have the Bloodthirster and Black Cleaver, you should be able to kill any mobs below 1/2 hp in 1 shot. Keep doing your thing, but the game should be wrapping up here. Coordinate your pushes with your team more and make sure you are not walking into any traps.

-Team Battles

When it comes to team battles, you should definitely not be the first one in. I usually stand somewhere in the back unloading as much damage as possible. SAVE ROCKET JUMP/BUSTER SHOT FOR THE END WHEN PEOPLE START RUNNING. You can either back off the closest hero to your team with Buster Shot or Rocket into their team as they break and get an extra kill or two.

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Junior Member


With your build Tris will probably be a glass cannon,at least get 1 or 2 survivability items,this is my item build

Berserker Boots
Black Cleaver
Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge
Frozen Mallet

And solo-ing is always good if you're gonna be the carry,when u get your ulti ganking becomes easy,REAL easy,just wait for the enemy champ to attack your tower,Rocket Jump behind him,Buster Shot him into tower,Explosive Shot and hit,he will probably flee and with your Phage he dont have a chance.

Just my 2 cents tho