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[Repost] Fiddlesticks guide

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Hi all

Nice guide i just read and that i decided to try since its writer seems t oplay some high level game. So i tried it an hour ago. Followed a fun game i won ofc. First time i could consider early game dark wind and drain rape, and it seems quite cool.
Plus i had never dare cast spell while crow storm so i tried and it seems it does not stop it so well great !!! good to know

now concerning the items, its obvious which u have to go for u mentionned all AP ones here. But noone considered Nashors tooth as an important part of it. IT gives both 55 ap and 25% CDred. 55ap is only 25 less than rod or rylai, and u get 25% cd red with it which means u can cast 2 fear in a fight most of the time
and thats non negligeable

plus as someone said before late game team fights can occur more often.

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was trying to buy runes today, no blue spell pen in store anymore?

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Hey PiousFlea (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2619&page=6#), or anyone else that knows exactly how spell pen and -magic resist works. I've read through this post, and from what I've learnedabout Spell Pen and -MR is this (correct me if I'm wrong) :

the calculation to determine enemy MR(how much Magic Dmg they take or they reduce) is
1st. MR is reduced by FLAT MR and %MR (if there are) first. So Abyssal Scepter and Fiddle passive.(correct?)
2nd MR is then further reduced by Spell Pen. So Sorcerer Boots(I think Sorc boots are +Spell Pen?) and Runes(Red, Blue and Purp. Also they say Magic Penetration on them?? Same as Spell Pen I'm guessing?)

Enemeies have around 30-35 base naked. So say 35 MR lvl 1
And say a Fiddle has an -20MR(Abys Scept) and +5 Spell(Magic) Penetration and -16 Fiddles own Passive.

Calculation would be 35 - 20 - 16 = -1 MR for Enemies.
Which means Spell Penetration does not do anything since its below 0 correct? (or does it check SPell Pen FIRST then -MR) ?

Also if I stacked 2 Abys Scepters... do they reduce resist twice ? -20 and -20 again ?

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Can we please update this guide to reflect the large amount of changes to various items and spells used in the build.

Is stacking ap really worth it?

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Pious do you still play? I didn't see you on the top 500 elo rating this month.

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sry but fiddlesticks passive dont reduce the enemies resistance by 16 its only 10... hope they fix it soon !

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I just wanted to verify how awesome this build is. I'm a beginner and I've been getting my ass kicked around the Fields for a few days now. I've done well in a very small number of games, but for the most part, I've consistently been having huge negative kill/death spreads. As soon as I switched over to this Fiddlesticks build, I took a 180 and started kicking some consistent ass, usually being 5-10 kills in the positive. Thanks Pious!

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sry for necro

Is there any newest guide for fiddle or is there a date one for this one?

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I also approve/necro this thread.

I've tried for a more survivability Fiddle (getting RoA and other HP increasing items) but PiousFlea's build just takes the cake.

Building him high risk, high reward is probably the best for pub-games and above-average ELO ranking games. Having a boatload of AP is much better, as you will be able to nuke harder, drain more life and your crowstorm will be much, much more effective.

Having a high HP, low AP build makes Fiddle just some other caster with a stun. Your drain won't keep you alive (because of the ****py damage you'll be dealing) and your HP won't help you anyways if you get focused.

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I often get boots, then mejaj, then rod of ages x2 - after that depending on situation.
When i play fiddle, I ALWAYS go middle. I grab a friend and get golem before that. This way i can harrash hard with crow. For skills, i always take life drain for first skill, this way golem goes down easilly. after this i bumb crow, take fear when possible, then more crow and ulti. on level 7 i take secound lvl to drain and get golem again. Usually by lvl 6 i should have 1 kill at least, if not - its time to get one. After this i start to gank hard, going up and down whenever my turret is not in danger (I harrash the guy in middle to leave, then go to gank)
If game goes long, you can have over 4k hp and 600 ap, in this point nothing will stop you. Posted couple stats also, list could go on and on :P
A bit cryptic text, gl if u understood :P

ps. good guide, witch mainly taught me how to play fiddle

waiting for fiddle skin