Progression and Improvement: Please Respond

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I'm Zstyphus, I'm a fairy new player/summoner to League of Legends, give or take 6-7 months or so, maybe less. I play pretty frequently now a days. I love to learn from great players and I always try to make sure I do my best. I am willing to learn.

My question is, how do I get better, honestly? I sometimes have pretty great games, and other times I have pretty seriously bad games. I believe my best games have been like 25/8/12 or so, and I average on winning games around 12-15/3-6/10, and my bad games are usually around 2-3/10-14/4-10, my worst game was 0/11/0, it was a fairly short game, but I play pretty bad on that.

I understand because I'm an avid gamer that there's going to be tons of flaming, in general with a lot of games, and it's fairly rare to have a full team that's cohesive.

I know that map awareness is one of few keys, being great at cs is also good, warding, knowing your characters, etc.... I'm pretty great with map awareness, I think my weakness is cs, and I admit that.

I have trained myself to play pretty much any position, I do that with ALL games, so I'm pretty versatile, I learn pretty quickly. I think my weakest positions are support and jungling, but I'm not horrid. I have some pretty great games as supports and junglers, it just all depends on the team I suppose.

But like I said, I train myself on all positions, but I feel like I am not at the point I wish to be, and would like to know from a lot of higher experienced players of how to improve. I want to know what you do that helps you. I am pretty much always pretty positive to my teammates, I don't yell, I don't troll, I don't rage, no matter how bad they're doing. I usually try to encourage, but when I play a bad game, I get raged at and told that I suck. I played as Ashe one game and ended up 10/3/12 during a 25-29 minute game and EVERYONE still called me noobish while I was the only one with a positive score.

For some of the main things I'd like to know.

How do I improve being the adc?
How do I improve jungling?
How do I improve being a support?
How do I improve being mid (I'm pretty good top)?
How do I improve being top (Probably my strongest lane)?

How do I know what counters what?

I'm sure there's more questions I'll ask, but I'd just like to know some of these initial ones.

Responses are appreciated. Thanks!