Quinton The Wanderer

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This is an idea that came to mind while enjoying this game. I thought of a champion that would be fun to play and that would have many versatile uses.

Quinton is an ability powered mage bruiser with moderate cc and dominating lane presence.

His passive is Adaptation. On a kill, Quinton gains 1 armor and magic resist.
His Q is Comet shot; Quinton fires a straight line nuke that damages all enemies in its path. At higher levels the shot arch’s out to nearby enemies for .25 the damage. Comet has a 6 second cool down and 3 seconds at max rank. Range of attack would be around 500

His W is Gravity well. Quinton burst the area around him with a small nuke that stuns enemies for 1 second and slows them for 3 seconds. The ability does no damage and is used for escape or focusing an opponent. This ability has a 12 second cool down and 6 seconds at max rank. Range around 400

His E is Entropy Initiator Pulse, or EI pulse. Quinton fires a skill shot that can be intercepted by minions or other players. Doing 10% damage to enemy’s health and refreshing Quinton health for have the damage taken. At higher ranks the Skills hot bounces to two other enemies. The ability has a 16 second cool down and 8 seconds at max rank. Each rank adds a 2% increase to damage dealt. Range around 400

His R is Big Bang. Quinton musters up all his energy and releases it in a shockwave of pure energy devastating his enemies and returning a portion of the damage to him as health. Quinton accumulated armor and magic resist are added to the blast in the form of true damage. Range about 600.


Watching from above another being of celestial might observed the one called Soraka and her plight. Intrigued by her desires to help other Quinton gazed on. He decided to come down to the real and see what all the fuss was about. To his on amazement he found the creatures that populated the realm most curious to him and decided to spend some time. To his shock and horror he discovered the complexities and became more enticed to see how far those of Ionia, Demacia, Noxus, and The Shadow isles would go.

Quinton made a decision, and created a likeness of himself and infused it with power and his thoughts. He entered into the league with an overwhelming display of power and told the council he serve until there was a Victor between one of the four that interested him. Unknown to the council is that Quinton is gaining much knowledge as he is gaining about them.

” A sloppy trap for a bunch of sadistic voyeurs, I love it, wonder if they will love my trap within a trap" -- Quinton

I wonder if this would make a good idea for a champ or at least the name of a champion.