Morgana's Skins

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I love Morgana and I do consider her my main. Personally I feel like her best skins is the Sinful Succulence and Blackthorn skin (Which I own). When I looked at the Chinese versions of her Blade Mistress and Exiled Skins I was immediately jealous. The US Version of the Exiled Skin looks like the wings are poorly drawn and overall too cartoony. Although even compared to the Chinese Exiled Skin I believe it can do better. I feel like the skin should portray her pain, torment, and despair. Emphasis on the freshly ripped wings, scars, and ripped clothing. I'd think that'd be pretty cool and i'd get it in a heartbeat. The Chinese version of the Blade Mistress skin is just breathtaking and I personally feel like Riot should adopt this one. haha, or make a slight adjustment to the angle and background. The US version of the Blade Mistress Skin is just cartoony, bland, and trying to hard to be like Orianna. As an extra suggestion I also think she needs a skin to rival Kayle's Aether Winged Skin, but than again I feel like a remake of the Blade Mistress Skin would do.