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Experienced player looking for team :)

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I play league for around 2 years now, and i had my main account banned, so now i play on account where u have level 27 and 1.3 W/L ratio (solo norms), and i'm getting pretty sick of the solo queue in norms, every 3rd game some guy leaves/trolls, not even talking about the feeders, y'know So I would be very happy to find some guys to team up with, play norms until i hit 30, then ranked (I prefer twisted treeline but 5v5 is okay with me too), i can play any role but support (don't have practice in that, you don't need support in TT). If you are interested, just add me, send me a message, whatever ingame name is o0Oo0Oo0O , Live Long and Prosper