Champion suggestion- Zyth, the Shadow Master

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Champion Name and Title- Zyth, The Shadow Master

Overview- Male, human. From Noxus, Alliance Unknown. AP Caster. Weapon- Darkness Bolts. Ranged. Energy Source Mana.

Abilities- Passive: Fear Brings Strength- Zyth's fear of the dark gives him bonus damage to enemy units.

Q: Shadow Puppets(Himself)- Zyth summons 5 shadow puppets to assist him in combat for 30s. Each puppet deals 30 magic damage. This ability may be used five separate times. 50 Mana, 17 second cool down

W: Relieve the Hunger(Skill Shot, Enemy)- Zyth summons a portal under a selected target champion and brings them to him, allowing him to steal 15% of their life. 35 Mana, 20 second cool down

E: Embrace the Darkness(Enemies, AOE)- Zyth enshrouds his enemies in darkness, fearing them and slowing them for 5s. 20 Mana, 7 second cool down

R: Gift of the Shadows(Skill Shot, Enemy)- Zyth focuses his energy into the shadow of an enemy champion, causing him to control them for 30s. This ability can also be used on dead champions for as long as they have left to re spawn. 100 Mana, 120 second cool down

Base Stats- Base Health-450 (+75 per level)
Base Mana- 325 (+55 per level)
Base Attack Damage- 45(+2.9 per level)
Base Attack Speed- 0.635 (+2.5% per level)
Range- 475
Base Armor- 10 (+2.7 per level)
Base Magic Resistance- 30
Movement speed- 330

Appearance- Tall, slender. Flat dark red hair, black eyes, pale skin. Unbuckled straightjacket. Has a dark aura surrounding him, sits in an awkward manner. Has lower field of view than other champions.

Lore- Once a humble miner, Zyth has lived at the edge of the mountains of Noxus for too long. It starts to get boring. One day in the mine, Zyth encountered something he has never seen before: An orb of darkness. Zyth, attracted by this odd gem, reached out and touched it. Once he did though, his vision and mind were enshrouded in darkness.
He woke up in a world unlike any he's ever seen. Though, it might be just regular Noxus for the people around him, what Zyth saw was a world where daylight never came and anyone who he saw with his eyes he saw as a demon creature. They were hunchbacked, tall, Grey, it almost looked like they had no face. They lurked at every corner he turned. He couldn't take it anymore. He started to kill. He started to kill using the one thing that brought him fear every second of his life. The shadows. He got control of it, he spoke to it, he could control it. Eventually, Noxus sent out a military force to apprehend Zyth and stop his rampage. They injected into him a serum that made him see anyone they told him to as a regular person and threw into the League of Legends so that he may continue his savage actions somewhere else.
One can only fear what Zyth might do when the serum wears off.

Dialogue- Champion selection: “Lights out.”
Movement- “I think I saw one of Them over there.” “The shadows are telling me to go the other way.” “I have to get out of here.”
Attacks- “There's no light to save you now.” “The darkness shall devour you.” “No one is safe in the darkness.”
R use- “Relax, and let the shadows take over.”
Taunt- “No one who lives in the darkness can be trusted.”
Joke- “So you're telling me that there's this thing called the sun, and for 12 hours a day, it provides light for the world? And you expect me to believe this?”
Recall- “The shadows call my name.”